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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

!!! to mo low x m!! spooky xm..started..

time pass so fast..wonder that to molo xm begin.. although it is oni two module's is like_very many nervous...!!! i scared i'll pee...hahahaha..CHOI LA!!

tomolo have to sit for the pookin GBD then hv to sit FOR THE accounting.. so scary leh.. like suddenyl hv to go back college for the PURPOSE..x, m,>> sigh!!

2007 already passes few days liao!! so wasup was you plan leh..>> time really pass really the fast..>> suddenly ten year GO liao(means run liao) kakaka!!!..of course lar the first thing have to do is the stupid spookin' xm... i got speel on it liao.. DON nervous la spooky gal !!!....

then_.. of course la..the another grade of the spookin piano practical..really come in..CRY OUT!!! so "CHARM" y the "heaven like tat one".. planning to siap practice b4 this year..then already few days passes oni realise that hor.... i oni practise for the FIRST TWO PEACES..AND ONI THE BEGINING.. how to pass lej..>> choi choi!! dai gat lai si....!!!! must say: i can pass der.._don ur self lie to ur self ler...!!!!)>in cantonese..!!

yeah ma spooky last go back to his JAIL!! yeah yeah!!!..>>

but hor..spookygal very boring one fight with me liao lor..!!

i think the most important is this...>
piano practise..

the wong choi chai!!

good luck for tomolow x m lor...all mates of the class!!!

c ya!!!


Rabbit said...

good luck to you! sit beside me n let me copy hor. Ngek ngek!

barouqe witch said...

GOOD .. gv u copy