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Sunday, February 04, 2007

the cleaning progress get started..>

lets check what in ma spooky room!

hahaha!!! this is ma spooky first generation of ps1 dancing leh..i bought it maself..means pay maslef la........wah!!!!!

u can't see this...may be!!!! this is the is an .a*****...!
i learn this when 7 t0 9 year old..very geng one lor!

this is the music box...>since year 2001! a gal OK!!!

i got the key..but i haven 21yearsold yet..> this from ma grandma to ma spooky mom ..and ma spooky mom to'm the 3rd generation liao!!!!...hahahha!!!
dono whether next time i got daughther o not...leh??!!!

normally put the key in the music box!

this is ma spooky altar in ma room!!!

please know this:::below this..>> it is a cupbaord..i think it has 80++ years old... since 1925...yes..i din tell lie oh.....>>>>antic

what ma father told me is:" his father even was a very rich person.... but he is too bias..and only like his eldest son and the other side (1st wife)..."

// therefore, after he died he got nothing left for ma father ... only THIS... not even one sen lar..//

that's ma spookypapa told me that...... ::: "yes your granpa was rich.....but untill now... i got all these (cars+houses).... with no relationship with him.. u know kah..i very san fu to earn money one u know!"

spookypapa: spookygal, u have to remember..don tell ur friends that ur grandpa* is XXXXXX.. i don have this kind of father..u know ah!!!??

spookygal:oh..i know...

spookypapa: don even tell ur friends that ur family name is LEO(hakka)

spookgal: yala yala....>>>>>

(stupid.... i don tell people, how people know ma full name lar,, very stupid spookypapa)

>this is also an antic ok!...but TILAM of course not la!!!

include this cupboard too!

this is definitely not antic!

this is a pair of earing... my WAIPO gave it to me....
she got nothing left for me,, but only this...and few cents..!!! my waipo was a very poor woman... and very sick..she got all kind of suffered during the pass days..>>> miss u lar..waipo!!

this is the most memorable day in secondary....>miss u all lar guys!!!
in cameron high

this was in the penang KEK LOK SI!

this is ma first camera..very lousy one...its free...>haha..i got this when i deducted ma spookymom ESSO point last last time..:

afta the whole day..the room finally CLEAN!!! HAHAHAHHA!

at the nite ..pasar malam> and left this......sigh!
(jus ign
jus ignore the date from the pics
c ya!!!!!

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