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Sunday, February 04, 2007

spookygrace today actually decided to stay at home for all the day..since ma mom wana go kuala selangor..

cos sis' came and ask/./ eh..v go carrefoure lar...wan go ah..>!!!!

afta a few minutes consideration: I wana go hong kong buy thing lar...!!! ..OK LAR I GO..

afta the dimsum break... v started to CARREFOUR journey....>>>>

a BIG EXPENSES today..too..!!!!.SHIT...really no money liao!!!!!!!!

these are todays....... what i got??!!

what a messzzxxx!!!

spookymama...gave me that this voucher only valid from 8 feb to 27 feb..!!!! so shit that i din realise..lucky i got money tat time....if not really suey!!!!

this is blossom with hello kitty on it...: blossom flower can bring LOVE hoh!!!!hang it infront of ma door room!!!!
hope i will find a boy friend that hansome as RAIN...hahahhahaha...wahahahaha!!!!!!

happy (*@*) year!!!!
tomorrow ... college reopen sad...>>waitin for another holiday !!!!

1 comment:

Rabbit said...

Woah! beli manyak manyak hor? boyfren as hensem as rain kah? pfffftttt!