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Saturday, February 10, 2007

eat what when the whether is super hot!!!!

ROJAKS..i eat u +cendol...wah..really hou hou mei ah!!!

er.. spookygal was dealing her possIe with her spooky kitchen large mirror..very large oh!!!!

u will wonder y i eat this cendol with a bowl...the conversation started like this!!!
spookypapa:" eh..peipei, go take 2 bowls!"
spookygal: "for what"
spookpapa:"put this cendol lor"
spookygal:" the feller oledi gv u straws and fillin' it with plactic bag then we can jus carry it and drink la, y we need one another bowl to serve it and hv to wash mafan ..oni..> v can oso use cup ma .. no need bowl one na!"
spookypapa:" cannot don use bowl one..u c ..wana lik out liao... and then cendol is sweet one u know, then afta wads got ants... then ah... afta... u very careless ah... all wet..then arh..if u use cup ah..where can one.. cup so small..not fit lar..> u so lazy to wash for what..if u+me=oni 2 bowls oni that oso so lazy/eat oso lazy..then no need eat lar..>...bla bla bla bla......>................"
at last''
spookygal: " yalayala, i go take lar"
therefor our cendol served by bowl + one wierd straw with it!!!

papa having his rojaks+cendol(by bowl ok!!)

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