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Saturday, February 10, 2007

ma housing area!!!

i live in tmp! is a still developing housing house there is a border line of> bukit jalil, serdang seri kembangan, and when u ask me where i'm staying .. i'll say..bukit jalil...> may be it is the place that still have people know it...>

serdang is too far+puchong is so wide..> so > what i supposed to say..bukit jalil lor...!!!
major of it still under developing!!

GIANT in next year (i think)

still underdevelop''!!

bandar kinrara golf club!

too hot whether made this burn on last saturday..spookymama come back...winkyzz. and she told us: " u know ah!!! jus now so many bomba oh...there ah..u know there o not?? .. so many fire oh!!!!, dono who cause the fire oh...wah...all burn oledi u know!!!!"

it caused fire b cos of the whether la!!!

this area is dealing with the court with TALAM.. of course everyone knows about what happen for TALAM... this is the 9E facing it think la!!! it is so stupid with this company..sigh!!!! don ever buy houses from this..!!!

this is where i leave near!!!

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