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Friday, February 02, 2007

the freakin spooky these dayszz!

wonder where has d spookygal been to these days...sick+fever:
i'm felin really hot and i got fever, + maybe the whether...i even awake in the nite and rush for a COOL is super hot..>

i m not goin out for these few days..and the spookypapa told me there is the hazy day... i thought it is goin to rain... but all i c IS: ASAP LEH!..ok! the whether out there really makes me sick..>

furthermore, last week i was crazing on ma computer stuff + so buzy with the game...i got no sleep+ watchin the monitor... ! may be the screen AFFECT + the lack of sleep disease, make me feel dizzy!

i m dizzy untill now..and i realize that................... next week school open! it is really bad+sad! somemoe the cny season comin.. i really hate crowded supermarket+shoppin centre+pasar malam either pagi!

anyway! happy ('@') year!

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