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Friday, February 02, 2007

a spooky sweepin bad luck away....

the cny is comin.. the spookygal decides to sweep all the bad luck away todayzzxx!!!
the first thing is the cupboard of course! it fulls of dust!

the most memorable!...: i'm the victory..!

these are the "spooky drunk" collection.

i bought this in china: it has a turtle on the pot leh!

these are all that i got in ma secondary school..all tempat pertama one (first place)..if not i oso dowan er...hahahha..lanci lar!!!...i oso merely forgot that i was the tempat pertama in aliran sastera!!! hahahaha!!!... i oso got johan in ma account quiz leh...

these i got in ma primary was"once upon a time ago":
i like this very much.. it was the art drawing competition:

finally clean" wing wing"zzzz

i still remember//
spookypapa: y u take this "lan gui" prize back for what...? ask ur teacher gv some useful prize lar..
of course it is so "jo deng" with this... useless..sigh!!!!..the trophy is definitely useless... eventhough u feel happy when u fisrt get it!!! but....erm.....!
but i'm still the VICTORY... hahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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