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Saturday, February 10, 2007

a very boring college zz day neh!!!!

students hv to purposely come for one class today..ok> its the operation managemnet class..>

what he thaught..> nothing...class will be started by next week on....> and lets discuss about the case study first..>>

spookygrace really wanna get angry liao...>. again,..> no class???!!!!... y v come..the most v did is doing our discussion and being pat po and pat gong...sigh!!!!! ... it was like a story telling class... feelin reallly sleepy..>> and this kind of WU LIAO thing gonna happened for the whole class.... photo takin lor....!!!

this is feon art work!!!!..and the victim...THILA's diary..hjahahah..cheer up like sun!!

d day lesson..

spookylittie,cutie,tinie diary!
feon takin '' sigh!!!
this is the book we gotta buy...but ..erm... u know what.we gonna do with it ler.>then:

pity thila!!!

pp in da class!!!!

new faces!!!! except thila!!!LARR
spooky day in da class!!!


feon in da class!!

register form..sigh GOTTA pay!!!!

c ya!!!!!

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