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Thursday, February 08, 2007

the moment!!!!

today i'm gonna write about the moment by Kenny G , "the moment'' is ma papa favourite muz..>> he likes it very much,...., and i played it long time since..>>>

it let me think back the first time that moment of enrolled into the music lifestyle,,, with ma lougong>piano..... it was long time ago... it let me think it back..and it was full of imagination of that TIME..... it is the moment> with ma spookypapa

and..this is ma spookypapa(i curi tangkap one oh..he is eating roti..sigh!!!)

and i don mind to say that he is the inspiration of ma muz learning...but...!! ma mom definitely not..

y leh???? u ask her to sing one for u den u know...what will happened..

The Moment
By Kenny G

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