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Saturday, February 24, 2007

what happen during day 4!!!neh??

hahaha..>spookygal seldom update her blog recently because of "bok sat"..>u know what de ler??!!..>gamble lor....until nite late..> spookygal oso got won money leh..using ma spooky tactic...!!thus, u find spookygrace seldom on9+update her blog lor!!!......

on tuesday..> day 4...> v the spookyfamily gathered together to serdang for tat breakfast shop. unfortunately,,,,... it closed tat day..> v moved to the stall nearby south> EASY go to south city lar.....>

this is what i saw tat day during that traffic jam..> lion dance (finished liao der)
tat day really QUITE too, few shops open for business oni..>

spookygrace in da south city with blossom flowers!!!

honey and me..>

can i try this???!!

but i found one shop really unique and cute..> it is a double storey designed shops in a unit ..> the ground floor they sell many of q t wa wa..> and the first floor they sell kind of punky dresses..> me+honey like it very much...>

this is the first floor..

she likes this very much!

don forget the mirror freak!!!

this is what we found in ground floor;!!!!

kwai kwai series!!! turtle..q neh!!!

hhahahaaaaa!!! engrish powderful error..!!!
go to hot market now.. n u can buy one for free...>>>hahahhaha!!!!!
at home...finally!!! cut the cake that given yesterday!!!! the icing cake...

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