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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

....> to da day3 cny!

spookygal has gone to kuala kubu on day3 to visit ma "sam bak meh"!!! it took around one hour to reach there!!!it is typical a kampung place...really kampung..and..i hate kampung....u can oni see mountain along the journey..!!!

this is really a cute cosz sis son!!!!

in da shop .. u still can see some lau yar stuffs!!!

not forgot to do some mirror-cam..>

this is ma spooky mama butt_:the chair goin to ruin liao!!!!hahahhhahahaha!!!!

this is ma cosz brother daughter!!!

this is where we passed_rawang!!@@

spookygal de photozx!

1 comment:

Alex said...

wow, u got packed-organized cny activities.. how sweet.. thanks for droppin by my blog.. was away for the CNY holidayzz.. ^^