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Monday, February 19, 2007

what's goin on ont da first day of chinese new year!

admire ma mascara+blue eye shadow!!!!nice er!!! whole mornin put up this make up!!!!


in usj
first day usually go to ma papa side family house...> to see: ngai geh ah poh!
she oledi 98 goin to 100 liao!!! old neh...she alway forget who ma bratha n me??

popo:"ngi heh lai ngin" (who r u?)
spookygal:" ngai heh teck kee geh mou zhu.. ngia geh sun ah!!!""(i'm teck's daughter, your granddaughter ah!)
popo went to ask ma spookymom then: " ngi you git zak lai zhu?" (how many children do you have)

this is ma ah poh!

this is what i found for ma uncle's art corner..> actually they are all rubbish........means.......recycle lar!!!!!!!!!!!!

(from usj to sungai way has to pass trough pilamid and summit neh!!!)

they are ma papa frens... > +visit his frens family in sungai way!!!!
there is one cute guy that i found that day..> take a notice on his soft drink! hahaha!
the soft drink become like this afta ma spookybratha drank it all...becos of his boring reaction...>

and this little guy tried to do what ma bratha do...>
he tried very hard to drink it all and fold the paper up


v left there n the next station
last station: puchong

v went to ma spookybratha KAI YEAH house!
b4 goin up to the condominium unit.... i saw a lot of monkeys were hangin around the big rubbish bin..but i oni catch(photoz) 2 monkeyszz!!!

tis fish is really q t neh!!! it made by red bean!

this is ma spookybratha....
very many ang pauszxx ah!!!
cny special... fried crab meat crackers..>
spookyhouse toilet freak!

photoz of da day one!!!

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