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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

tha 2nd day of cny>nin cho yee!!!

where did spookygal go in the second day of cny??
first of all is the place that i grown up..> shah alam 24! .. and v visited our x-babysit!
here is what i found in her house..>

this iis the one...wahahahahha!!!!! ma mo call her:sister Q.. then v all call her aunty Q!!

this is her only son>kong teng fong...>ooi!if u on9 u sure can c ur face here..wah..! femes liao!hahahha!

this is the place here that i was baby sitted b4!

hahaha!this is quite funny!..spookygal asked teng fong to allow me to play his PS2 eye-toy game..> i played THE AMERICAN IDOL GAME.. n other eye-toy game!!!>
spookypapa...laugh n laugh n laugh and said i'm the SO PO!urg!!!!!spookygal get angry liao!!!
(if you know what's the eye-toy, u will sure laugh at the person who played it..sigh)
he put ma face on d eye-toy n play american idol using ma face...really ugly...yer!!!

this is spookymama n spooky bratha!

this is the place that i always used to lepak when i was in shah alam!

this is another delicious seaweed crackers!!!

next, v rush to Subang Jaya to visit aunty wendy...>momi fren lor..>
we were having the "homemade yeesang" !hahahah@@..> this is the first time that i see someone to made yeesang was so creative..>!!we also having other dishes too!!

hahaha!!!its oni a peach juice+"gas"!!!!

when going back home...i saw these thing were placing there for dyr..> yeah! this is the thing that use to do KUIH KARPET..>

first, pull it out...

open it and put in flour that hs campur..>

then close it n let it..>BARBE-Q...hahahhahahha!!!!!!!
so easy..wahhahahahha!!!
n..lastly..>sri petaling..v go there n take a Q T lady dog ...>her name is LILY..wahahahhaha!!
she is really thin!!!!here she is!!!!

this is LOO LOO..she is really fat!!!

goin back home@!!!

spookygal picsz!!


ashley said...

miss shah alam?
ei.. you come back shah alam didn't come find me de???

barouqe witch said...

i now..aware tat i haven got ma real spm cert