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Sunday, March 04, 2007

a story about d lian n beng family.+murder case!.

haha,,this is something boring hapen during the boring weekend..
really boring one wor..
spookygal has nothing to>show her feet.!!

therefore..spookygal oso created a story line aboout s lian and beng family murder+the CUNNING LEO..>this is because LEO wants to be the ruler of the kampung and dowan to let the cat(AH BENG) to be the ruler lor!!!

let me show ya the characters first..>

this is AH LIAN MUI (a cat)..

this is AH BENG KOR (a cat)..he is the ruler of the kampung that make LEO jealous of him..

this is their servant LEO (lion)....and he becomes the servant of the lian n beng family first b4 his goal got achieve!

lian and beng is the lovely couple that they served by LEO..>they live hapily together sweet../..,, however one day..

one day, LEO the servant come and tell AH LIAN MUI.."eh..u know AH BENG has affair or some very 9394 relationship with AH HUA (neighbour)..I saw them yiyiyapyap everyday u know!"

AH LIAN MUI of course very angry..> she is so angry+go mad and terus "side kick+one leg kick" AH BENG untill die!!!

AH LIAN MUI of course very "gan jiong" lar..> she asks LEO to help her..>LEO plans out that they should bury AH BENG'S body..>but where???..>

they carry it..>untill

untill they find the tilam..yeah they should bury it under the tilam.

YAM GONG.. this is how AH BENG burried by the 2..>

LEO lastly rule the kampung!

1 comment:

Alex said...

haha.. nice story.. shud do it in episodes like drama.. LOL.. then more ppl come to watch.. I plan to do that but not as creative as u.. LOL..
P.S. i think u've been tagged.. link or copy this address