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Monday, March 05, 2007

tagged by >alex!

have to finish ma alex! Wild & Crazy

part 1: on the outside
name : peipei
date of birth: 2ND AUGUST 1987
current status : a lot of assignments
eye colour : dark brown
hair Colour : dark brown
righty or lefty : righty
zodiac sign : leo

part 2: on the inside

your heritage : CHINESE!!!!
your fear : lost something important
your weakness: erm..let other to judge..i dono wor
your perfect pizza :double decker with double cheese, seafood delight

part 3: yesterday, today & tomorrow

your thoughts first waking up : tidy ma bed
tomorrow :have to go to ma mom office first b4 goin college
your bedtime :I hope afta lunch hour..(but,mainly around 11.00pm)
your most missed memory : in the shah alam life

part 4: your pick

pepsi or coke : neither
mcD or burger king : mcD(but now..freakin bout the spookyin’fast food stuff oledi
single or group dates : most of the time date with ma family..
adidas or nike : neither
lipton tea or nestea : lipton
chocolate or vanilla : vanilla
cappucino or coffee : I hate both..(I’ll feel dizzy and got fever afta drinkin coco stuffs..

part 5: do you…

smoke : no
curse : baroque witch curses everday

part 6: in the past month

drank alcohol : I hope I can..but it is the same situation as drinkin coffee
gone to the mall : yesh,,
been on stage : last month kah?no
eaten sushi :last month :no”but ma most favourite>raw salmon…>I finished one big plate of raw salmon with wasabi+soya..during ma mom’s colleague’s gatherin
dyed your hair: yes..

part 7: what were you doing?

1 minute ago : typing
1 hour ago :reading news paper
4 1/2 hours ago : traffic jamming
1 month ago : sorbs sorb..cny erh..>so fast the time passed
1 year ago : studying year 1 sem 1 while planning to find a part time job..

part 8: finish the sentence

i love : doggies
i feel : dizzy
i hate : cats
i hide :behind the door, so lily will not see me.
i miss : during shah alam’s daysz
i need : money!

part 9: tag 5 people
hah??really dono who should i tag leh!!!!

  1. bonbon
  2. laiteng
  3. laiyee
  4. eddy
  5. vampie

yer......i really dono who i wanna tag to answer those frustrating during "who i wanna tag'"..almost half an hour of it..>sigh..>maybe lack of "fren socialising gua"

nah...these are all the person that i tag them and tell them liao lar...they all wana answer or dowan answer...erm...i really dono about it!!!

*but please !!!! hope u all can answer lar......

tenqiu very much!!!!!

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