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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

this is what happened on the Sundayzz 4/3/*7

which toll i most hated'n..>this...!!!!..traffic jam+increase of 0.60 cents..> Blah

this is where is the place in chan sow lin,, and it is so "kampung"OMG!!

this is RAIN tat i found in the magazine on d table..kakkaa..>keepin thinkin of Rain oni.."but not so heavy lar.."" kakaka

this is their cutie kwai kwai "turtlesszz"

afta tat...v straightly go to the Taman Maluri's jusco in Cheras..>jus walkin aroun there..actually it is so "small" .. means not wide lar..>at least we all got the jusco card and got parkin for free..>
takin pics around there and "staffs" there staring at me..

not forget to do some mirror freakin!

nahnah..>here is ma bluberry waffle..+ice-cream topping!!

afta finish!

haha!!!this is special pics' post for feon..!!!!..hahha..still remember she was talking about the "TANGONG DOI"

wah !!this is so artistic!!!!

what>???gal stufff...?? i tell u what..i very very very very very hate sewing one..!

haha!!!todayz...very powderful engrish..!
still remember former post of engrish very powderful..!
"buy one free one"//
now..."buy two free one"/.....hahahahaha!!!!!! u can get two for free instead of one..hahhahah!!!

not forget to freakin with ma spooky cam!

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