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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

this time for taggy!

yeah!today got no school and seems feon keep asking when i gonna answer her taggy, ok lar..i gonna answer now..ok! i no simpli answer lar..not short anymore lar..!
lets have a look on ma bag first b4 knowing what are inside the spookygal bag..!
this is ma precious bag that acompannied me since i was form 3. till now. already 6 years.
whereever i go, travelling, swimming and schoolin and tuitioning.

this i have to bring for all key.with mr' bean's teddy.

this is a little book: showing what kind of food have how much calories!

this is an angpau and i put one baby pic of mine: it will bring you good luck all time.

this is what i bougth (tat day);
energyzer battery for digi cam

and "file earings"hahaha!

ma comb, tiger balm, lrt+touch-n-go+student id car, tissue,antibiotik for flu, fasio lipstick.!



what i studied that day..

pencil bag

ma purse given by yuka from japan:
and ma fake gucci purse..kakaka!

superman keychain by kfc(we ate kfc tat day..tats y i got this)


aceone118 said...

I wan to ask you hor..put baby pic in angpau really can bring good luck wan ar? How leh? What kind of luck?

barouqe witch said...

to aceone:
it can prevent anything bad happen hor:

when u merely fall down, but hor you will feel like "somebody" help u!

something lucky to you lor..
like u drop ur wallet. lucky u met a good guy and he gives you back your wallet..>if you met a bad guy he will take it lor..>


Rabbit said...

Wui?! Why i derno about it one?! I also want to goan get my baby pikcher and put in ang pao ledi!

barouqe witch said...

to rabbit:
kaka!you use now the pics oso can need baby pic liao..
coz u look so baby edi!!

aceone118 said...

Errr..whose baby pic ar??

barouqe witch said...

to aceone:
own baby pics lor..
if other people one: no use ler..

zewt said...

thanks for dropping by. sorry, not in the right state of mind to read your blog yet. read my latest entry and you'll know.