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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

the e-box day..+endah parade!!

gonna have a new post now!today don have class that means really lucky holiday for us..>ok i gonna post a new one now!!!

seems honey keep askin me when i'm free?? hey gal! i'm not free all teh time, i know u now holiday for one week so where u wanna go..@@

ok lar.>we go near ok?```

and afta class i straight+rush to endah parade to @@meet with her..>
we were having fun with e-box..>sang for 3 hours non-stop!hahaha

it is a really freakin look!!

see our leggy_shoey!!!!

ending up with KFC$$!!

free gift=rubbish!!!

this is another qq kwai kwai!!!

wonder who designed is a bag with a big kiss>really wat tat!!!

spookygal is a typical musician:play music everywhere!!

honey was doing exercise with those equipment!!

oi!!ride fast fastLAR!!

who is this???ma boyfren la..>kakakakaka!!!jus kiddin kakakaka!!
this is a free listening station..>lets see what happen next!!

a vandalism hand!!she keep pressing it!!! OI!! SPOILT LAR OI!!!

boney-m:papa+mama ou jeong!!!

hanging around in the chinese books exhibition!!
now i oni know tweety bird chinese name is "cui er"
but i thought it is a bird.>but why written there "xiao ji"!!!??

snoopy story!!!

these are ma ou jeong!!

it looks like 2 african lady takin picture with monokoro-booooo!!!

this is ma dream car:mini-cooper!!!

pic*ing with ma dreamm carrr!!

eh..!! got number one wor!!! go buy ler!!!kekeke!!

view of cars from the lift!!#^^

antic cars collection!

so weird oni with tat drink!



Rabbit said...

U really damn camwhore one! I thought i so camwhore ledi, but see see u took so many pictures! Sweat lor!

barouqe witch said...

kakaka..>i'm a photo+camwhorer..

Alex said...

1> kuma-kuma!!! (correct spelling?)
2> SNOOPY!!!!!
4> SUBARU!!!! (is that wrx rally version?)

wahhh so many many things i wan to seeee!!!!! that subaru is my fav car!!!!

barouqe witch said...

to alex: haha..wrx???sorry ..i'm not a fans of subaru..>heehee
and whats kuma-kuma...y i derno der??

Alex said...

i think its that turtle.. coz i got a friend who wants to fill hes car full of that turtle

barouqe witch said...

to alex: hahaha..>tat's ma favourite..kwaikwai(turtle)