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Thursday, April 12, 2007

from a hell to heaven~`

currently spookygal is checking out her fortune in SIna web.. heehee sekali gus tel u :i'm a LEO.
i'm listening to wo hen xiang ai ta by TWINS. based on my thinking, these 2 gals do not sing as well as i thought. i jus got the meaning by this song..

i'm also searching for some usefull material from book for that stupid IBE asignment. THAT ASSIGNMENT.. still a long way to go!!!!!

now, this post is about how spookygal realise that she was in the hell and she is in the heaven now!~~ the hell refers to my primary school age and the heaven refers to my secondary school age and now.....>

well, how spookygal realised that she was in hell. yeah i used to be in primary school as all of you or us had have. OK! WHAT I'M THINKING NOW.!! "I M A SUPER IDIOT AND SO STUPID KIND OF PEOPLE!"

i was still remember the day i have to leave my primary school. all the teachers will stryggling to say: '' now, afta you all left, u have to come back n have a visit to you mother school u know?, u all had been having a perfect moment and strong relationship with this school, this is ur paradise. After u enter into the secondary school, u will know, how bad is that!"

haha...what had she told that had made my mine into an imagination and a strong perception on my seconday life!..... AND i was totally different than what she said!!!..... and now i really able to differentiate... what is a hell and heaven.... and i realise and awake.. that i've been so tortured during my primary life!!!! i have to say :OH SHIT!!!!!!...... and OH GOD to ma secondary!!!

the forum in friendster of ma gang of felow friends during primary has totally brought me back to that time! i hate my primary school... ok..IS A CHINESE school.... i really hate hate hate ittt!!!

  • first of all, i have to say tat i realised that i was stupid during that time. still remember in standard 5. ok .as same as all of the students. the most fear.most hate.most annoy. most insane teacher that canned us in every class, almost everyday. and i think the most effort she put and contribute to our education is CANNED,PUNISH,SQUIZ, STARE, SHOUD AND etc...... still remember i got the lowest BM marks only 18%. yesh!!! i made her went mad on me... .. She canned one by one.... whoever got 60% canned 5, then 59%..then 40%.......then....yesh untill me...she canned me with infinite uncalculated on my hand... and scolded me WINTERMELON..dong gua..!!! the last word she scolded me in ma life!!! ... n i do appreciate it..coz wintermelon makes me cool!!!! ... and i don even drop tears and feel pain on it... and i got no feeling... haha...tat's made her more more mad on me... coz i'm a cold blood!!

Whip"you are a wintermelon..y u so stupid one!!!!"

  • of course, she continued offer me a special place to sit...haha..u know when u did things wrong where u gona sit in class.. OBVIOSLY, MY MARKS STILL DID NOT INCREASE!!! WTF, or what POINT is that????!!!!! huh!!! .. i jus wana tell when i hate the TEACHER... i will definitely get low marks on that subject!!! IF U WAN US TO GET HIGH MARKS.. JUS MAKE URSELF PREFERRED BY US!!!..... lucky that avoid to see her face in standard 6!!!

....... or i say now??? !!! i purposely got 18% of BM to get u mad of me!!!!... cos i hate u!!!!
I Hate You

  • next on, about all my primary teacher..and i definitely can say sorry for tat...they are SUPER DUPER BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS BIAS!!!!!! may be it refers to certain group of them.... and i really hate listen to: " YOU SEE OUR GIRL HERE.. XXX.. , WHOLE CLASS ONI SHE GOT 90% SOMETHING, U ALL ARE ALL RUBBISH, AND U SEE THE LOWEST ONE.. !! Y U ALL SO STUPID AND SHE IS SO CLEVER ONE...!! .. the words even can bypassed to another class one... :" U ALL SEE NEXT CLASS'S XXX, SHE OR HE GOT HOW MANY A's.. AND compare TO YOURSELF.. (during the mock x m) how U ALL GONA SIT FOR UPSR AND HOW U ALL GONA SCORE..(f''' u! i'm here to learn not only the matter of A's OK!!!)........................

-------- the most hated thing!.... or even now practised by all school in malaysia..> HOW CAN THEY PUT THE GOOD STUDENTS IN ONE GROUP AND THE POOR ONE INTO ONE GROUP!!!.... this will definitely make the good become perfect and the poor become rubbish... it is such a stupid system........SOMEMORE..the parents will start to show their public speaking by : MY SON GO MORNING CLASS ONE ER, HE IS IN "M" class ONE ER!!!...



from primary to secondary, and i realised that i got so much freedom, so independant, i got no homework to do..and i can spend all time to tuition centre and learning x tra stuffs and even part time job. during my primary, i got so much of homework that no time to waste on...

haha..i like my BM teacher indeed.she treats us nice..and finally i got an A in pmr..haha..haha...haha..haha..then i become a water melon!!!! full of passion in my life!!!! ...

about the fear

i got read the forum, it is so interesting to hear from u guys and i cany realise that meet u guys here back. yeah... and about how much u afraid and fear of teachers......... and what i have to tell is: "afraid of what lar.... they are all oni human being. i'm not even afraid of evil, y we must afraid of them.. and obey like a dog !!! WE CAN SAY:OBJECTION!!!!!>>>>> tat's what i realised that during my secondariesszz!!!

we even can SUE..ACCUSE.. COMPLAINT them...on ABUSE...

  1. physical abuse (canning and squiszzz our ears!!!..some even worst that pull our hair)
  2. mental abuse (by calling us stupid human being and even wintermelon)
  3. force (still remember got one teacher before that ask us to squiz our own ears and canned ourself..if not she will take action.)
  4. non-sense punishment (command us to say "thank you" afta punishment)
  5. as vandaliser ( she threw our book on the floor and ask us to pick it up and this also consider as mental abuse also)
  6. evil behave ( when you do things wrong, she appoints your classmates do not friend with you and laugh at you and this also consider non-sense..)
  7. not in responsible (this probably happened when your parents take a visit to your school teacher, and complaint about the teacher. THAT teacher will started to be bias and hate you in class)

heelooo!!!! these 7 facts only happened to adult political life, but why you bring these into our childhood!... is your pressure and not the student's pressure. DONT think that u are in pressure and simply give punishment that does not make any sense..... based on those unethical and immoral of teachers..will kill the education and all the lovely pupils in the world

tat is why that i realised during my primary i had experienced these pressure, : lots of homework that u can do it untill midnite under pressure. and that causes stupid fear in our heart!...and I WAS BEING STUPID AND THOUGH I WAS IN HEAVEN WHEN I WAS IN STANDARD ONE TO SIX!

and lack of understanding of HUMAN RIGHTS!




N i have to pity to those who are experiencing it!

sigh Hate It When That Happens


AceOne118 said...

The HELL refers to your Primary skool, the Heaven refers to your secondary skool and now i would say THE PARADISE refers to your college life.

I wonder what will it be refers to your WORKING life.

I no go skool wan that's why i kenot rant!!!

barouqe witch said...

haha..i still do not know the working life yet!
but i really mostly mainly hate ma primary life!!!!!!
..>u no go sckool mia meh..don bruff ler''!