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Saturday, April 14, 2007

thingy during busy

yeah yeah! during the promotion of sushi king! whoever have member card bring max 4 person and get one plate on the "hui zhuan" only for RM2. we planned to go during the one hour break, and the news spreaded : "puva absent today, afternoon no classs!!

it was so luck that the class cancelled... because we had to wait for the sit!!!!!

this rabbit drove us there!

here some random pics in the sushi king of sushi dayee!

sam, jema and dong xia

wonder where we stared..kekeke..
me,rabbiit and mr low

mr low was foolin the rabbit!

dong xia:" where's my greent tea! wait so long one."

me on the story of plate

from year one till now!! very cohessive!

this is an orange effect pics! jema and dong xia

this is orange spookygal

dong xia versus spookygal: " scissors, rock and paper"

i won!!!

sam with jema!

the art of sushi!

here is the result! with total: RM 65++

wana try this sushi o not???
"human head sushi" kakakaka!
new one.....wan try ?? wan try??


actually when during normal dayz no people one geh!
when having promotion like this..then full of people!
sigh! malaysian are so like that!!!

spookygal sushi day!

in the class !
some random picss!

me and yeeting!
geetpal,kasma, me!
yap! her birthday on 11 APR ... look!
how sexy is she!!!heehee]
"thila tempation art"
she is luring..kakakakakaka

this was in Jaya section 14..........
told this before but i forgoten the name of it!
what is this hah?.....i mean the name!
smoking is bad for health!
is this consider smoking also hah?
thila is enjoying it!
anyway! i brought the wrong printer ink that does not suit my model!!!
i bought it for RM15...jus wasted....sigh!
who wan who wan?
peng peng dei kira u ...keekeee!!

camera on camera!
like tat osoo can!!!

anyway! spoookygal oso very hardworking study one ok!
she decided to study Human Resource jor...because got xm coming ma!
when she flip page by page!!!
spookygal oso afraid of mosquitoes since the rabbit got kena denggi!
and i hate mosquitoes...
neimind ! i revenge for tat rabbit lar...
i wan BOU SAU!
huh huh ha hee!
i revenge jor...and the mosquito on the wall...and to scare away other mosquito to come and attack me!



AceOne118 said...

I like that statement "STUDY WHAT LAR...SLEEP LAR..!!!" diswan ngam to listen. Muahahahaha!!!

Sushi I tarak ngam wan. Got free makan I die die oso dowan go. After eating sushi me go deposit it back to the "mr brown bank" !! Wakaka

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

wah toyota vios kar?
you drive?

sushi i love woh.....
plus with wasabhi sure explode your head wan.
and i like the ginger pickle too
when go there sure watt kaw kaw thim

Rabbit said...

Aiyer u goan post up so many of my pictures! samo the ugly driving picture also u post!! Grrr!!

Eh, read what read lah. sleep lah!! Keke!

barouqe witch said...

aceone: people who dosn't like sushi sure come from kampung one and very old one!! like my father age..kakaka

zhau gong jiu: that vios car is lebbit one lar..she always drive us go out makan one...kakaka!

rabbit: ur picture where got ugly lar..i say nice mean nice! even when post ugly pics..ur face is still biutifull one lar,,..!!

ApOgEE said...

whoa.. so many blood sucked by the 'nyamuk' already meh? Thank god it is not the Aedies one lor... ;D