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Sunday, April 15, 2007


here! i gona teach u how to do a FUYOH speaker!!!
when u speak hor.. your volume will become very loud one using this!!!!

first of all .. u get the fu-yoh card first in the sun newspaper!
(tat's where i got lar)

then u slowly tear it out!!

become like this!!!!!

then..very simply oni...jus join it properly become like this!

then..u finish..this is your fu-yoh speaker!LABA!!!

but ..afta that..u have to know what is the function first!!!

1. used to speak,talk,shoud, scream!!!

if you think one is not enough?! you can use 2 FU-YOH speaker!

or even 3!!!!

of course..when your ears are "long long dei" and the people talk very soft wor!!!
how leh??? how leh?? dim yong hou?????

you also can use FU-YOH to listen!!! like this!!!

sometimes you will got difficulty when SEEING wor!
how leh?
you can also use FU-yoh "speaker" to see one!

hehehe! because we have 2 we must use 2 speaker!!!
if we use one.... we become "captain hook" already..> dan ngan lou!

when your hair got wet...
u also can use it as "hair dryer"
kakakaka! use a speaker to dry your hair!!

like this!

me and the fuyoh fuyoh!

this is how funtionable! it is!


AceOne118 said...

FU-YOH Lu maciam Tarzan Jane call saja!!! wakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ApOgEE said...

Hahaha... very kelakar one lor!! I like the hair dryer. How many hours it takes to dry my hair with this fuyoh dryer ek?

barouqe witch said...

aceone: tarzan mia jane where got call like thish mia!!!

apogee: deepens long or short hair lar..sometimes 1 to 2 hours like that...!heeheeheheeeheee