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Monday, April 30, 2007

i miss you! how much? infinite!

a girl listen to fort minor's where'd you go, again and again, another again, and following again, uncounted how many times of again. she really miss someone!

she let her mind back to before, around 8 years before. And she miss someone, deeply, and can't forget about it. she lost her ways, did not know where she was standing at that time. And she cried. very loud in her heart. that showed she was hurt, but, how about now?

she thought: "everyone has their dream", this girl has too, dream on her future. How gonna be?
and "one thing". that everyday. she keep telling herself before sleep: " am i gona die tomorrow?" .. "what is dead actually"..> BAH! she thinks too much! she is really a negative thinker, yes yes, she is! .. she has her dream too, she hopes to study overseas in UK london, get her master in music performance. Go round the world one day, and change the world in one day, YES, jus take her one day! can ah?

but, how old is the earth, gap, with her age? " THE EARTH DIE FIRST, OR SHE DIES FIRST?".. can she change the world? .. this is part of her dream too..! she keep doing her work very hard, non-stop, everyday, busy, for every hour, and when she is lying on her bed, she jus hope to go to her dream as fast as possible and fall asleep faster. JUS TO FORGET about THE person that she is really missing!

as time goes by, she continues her life without thinking! for 8 years...> that's total suffer.! because she still thinking, it comes to her mind everynight that almost make her cries. She keeps asking: "where had you gone?" isn't far from her, how long is the distance?, do you now jus nearby my side? where are you?.." she totally lost!...

as mentioned in the lyric: "where'd you go, i miss you so, please come back home!".. forget about your dream, back to home sweet home!"

because of you, she never try to step more further from where she is standing.
because of you, she can't see any future in her life because she has no more!
because of you, she afraid that she might fall down again!
because of you, she was crying when you were enjoying!
because of you, she never believe of anyone else.
because of you, she was so scare of the feeling pain in her heart.

she gonna be confindent but where to find the strenght back, that you had stolen before way from her.!

she is still mingling, cos she misses you!

the author of the story: " spookygrace the baroque witch-leo pei pei"

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