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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

purina one letter!

haha! gona blog something about yesterday!..

when i reach home after the assignment gau dim and the one class of da days.!

open my letter box...>

MS LEO PEI PEI........>thank you for signing up purina one, 30 days challenge!!!

feedback letter!

score of you doggie!

voucher for RM12 off!

anyway, i registered this thing a bit late, expired on that day! so i lost the chance for my lily, for the competition..> anyway, the food for my lily oso habis oledi, planned to buy purina one for her..

she has bad heart disease neh.. and she is so thin! skinny!

but she is very very very very very very very, naughty!!!


Puppy 1
i always love you as i love onglai,Lily, cos u are man's best friend and mine too!!


AceOne118 said...

Peipei! come..come we apply/enrol in Amazing Race Asia. Chun anot jek? kekeke

baroque witch-peipei said...

aceone: okok! but u got passport o not one????!!!