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Friday, May 11, 2007

5 reasons to blog!

I was tagged by Alex with the title of "5 reasons to blog"

  1. as a diary for myself without spending money. Record daily's ramblings and something fun of myself. About my friends, my families and my two doggies and birds. About my harsh and hectic life in college, relationship among friends and complain about whatever that i hate.
  2. like to see my photos appearing in the web page with some captions. there is a story in every snapped picture. It will be my entire life's memory. aNd i will admire the pics that shown in the page. I dono why, i just love it!
  3. to find my any other old old friends that had lost contact since .... a decade ago. Just wana know more what happened or what is happening to them. may be...JUst kepoh oni lar.hehe..
  4. I wan to see differences of me from year by year. am i grow? remain?or .. erm....i just wana have a look on myself through blogging, and see is there is a change.
  5. Hahahahaha!!!.. i like musics and video then can put it into my web log.... and enjoy my self..kakakakakkakakakaka!!!


Alex said...

thanks for replying my tag.. hahaha.. now i have more reasong to read ur blog..

spookygrace said...

=.="".. your very welcome!! hehe