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Sunday, May 13, 2007

another creature in my house!

Another creature had come to my house!! and it/he is now staying at my house!! OMG ! what is this??!!!

so furry one!!!!...FURRY CREATURE!!!!!!....

he is hiding inside his tiny boxy house!!!!!......

OMG!! got tail one!! what the hell is this? LION????

GOT HIM!!!... its him!!! staying in my house!!!!
ok lar! now let him introduce himself!!

Hi everyone! my name is OSCAR!, I just arrived here few days back, I am happy and nervous when i got to know my new family, I came here because my previous Boss scolded me..*sorb sorb..
I am now 1 year old ++, also feel very happy and exciting when i know there is "lenglui" here oso!!kakaka!!..... okok! i know i am a bit bit handsome! because of my hairstyle lar...Look like RAIN..hahaha!!! lanci

ok lar! but first of all!! i'm not a toy OK!.. i can move one.. but not as active as the mini pinsch, i mostly like people sayang me one.. and then hor..i tell u lar..... actually i very jealous one, when that peipei go and sayang lily, and dowan sayang me...*sorb sorb...

I'm lily's part-time boyfriend , and now..I'M peipei's new lovely pet and her friend (victim)..
ok are some of my random pics..

nice or not? my new hair style!!!??

it is time for BOM BOM...
the left one is my towel, then the right one is lily's towel!

after bom bom! my hairstyle gone!!

here is some pics with spookygal!!

kiss me!!!

oscar is feeling sleepy!!
quite!! he falls asleep jor!!
woke up!! =.=""

1 comment:

AceOne118 said...

I think Oscar need a hair cut badly! wakakaka