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Thursday, May 31, 2007

My favourite songs..

i got tagged by BABYFIONA,

list down 5 of my favourite songs when i was 18 years old.. lar!!!..hahahahaha Roll

1. close to you
haha.. firstly. it is "CLOSE TO YOU" by DJ bounce.
and actually this song was heard in babyfiona's page last time.. dono when..
it is a damn cute and subfunky song.

2. Don't matter
is by akon, there are many grammar mistakes such as:
"it dont matter, nobody wanna see....." but i like it

3. where'd you go
by fort minor, with this song, i would probably memor the time that when friends or person that close to you just say good bye to you, and never come back again. It is a song to recall them..

4. friends
by RAIN, it is a fantastic great rythmic song that feat jk tiger.

5. i belong to me
by jesicca simpson. this is a very emo song and the mtv is little bit..erm..too over..haha..
but i love it.

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