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Saturday, May 19, 2007

spooky polarism! happy+sad

nah! now the time is!!.. 1.20 am.
still wonder why i'm so "profession" on blogging.

now my feelings is really damn sad..cause cause...cause....
Melinda doolittle can't make it to the FINALE..* sorb sorb..Tears
She has been being a super inspirator, she is my star!.
However, she is still wonderfull... Love ya!!!!...

I just watched "New York Minutes" starring by the Olsen twin sis!..
it is damn funny then... it is one of my favourite list of movies..!!haha
Since when the super rock star becomes a Dr .. Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein..hahahha

what is the meaning of economy?do you dare give an answer like this during your examination?
if i not mistaken.
eco= environment.

Do you damn dare to give a speech like this, when on you school's hall's stage, erm..standind infront of all your professor!

Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein is my inspiration, because she says:

Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein had said this:
"Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this youAnd
you fall and
you crawl and
you breakand
you take what you get and
you turn it into honestyand promise me
I'm never gonna find you fake it"

yeah, should think about it, for giving a speech like this.....


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Alex said...

relax relax.. sorry for not commenting so long... but relax.. world is always unfair... but i just want to tell u that LMF song was great.. man... *thumbs up including toes all up* to you... hey...
nvm enjoy the weekend.. at least...

btw... its 3.35am.. muahahahaha... i cant sleep tot of visiting ur blog...

spookygrace said...

alex:" really damn angry for these days, can't put my temp down, lucky have LMF..hahahA!