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Friday, May 18, 2007

wana see the highest boundary level???...haha!!

nah!..jus forget whatever unhappy things, and start to laugh now..!
well i jus very interested in these "highest level" damn terror pictures.
wanna see the 50s " lengluis singing group"..very femes one..
if you wanted to visit this house, please knock the door using..>
"door bell not functioning, knock the door as loud as possible"
if you wanted to take a good perfect quality photo,
take photos by this..erm..> haha!..
the most damn nice handbag ever!

who wants wedding like this??huh??
you think you gonna buy from this sales person??
wana watch: kiss+acrobat!
if one day, the price of car petrol suddenly increase untill the level that you cannot effort, and you have to take..erm...public transport!
wow!!F1.. damn beautiful model!

hey!mosquito! if u still wana kacau me....
nah! deserve this!!!..ah!cha!!
the most intelligent businesssman ever !!!!..
hey! mummies, if one day, you decided to go out, and let your husband to take care of your little baby! know what will he do?????.....erm.....geng
the most fantastic picnic ever!

wow!!!.. I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!
the most easiest way to walk you dog!.. maybe i should try it too!..haha
i still dont know why?.. human think: "jog everyday make your health better"
which company is having their AGM here???
milk!!! i wan milk!!!!

sharpen your pencil; make it artificial!
is this the new fashion of blanket?
photocopy= illegal..
all they think is only one word :"EAT"
me n the rabbit gal deciding how we gonna have bbq in our PD trip!..
"you dare to eat?"

couple of affair! place it???

the cat feels better this!
great staricase ever!
rather waiting for the bomba...this dog is helping to put off the fire!.. are still the man best friend...i lov u ..muak!

when u drive yourself into MID VALLEY!.. you maybe will park your car! this..
erm...dono how they meassure the parking tickets?

nice nice nice shoe ever!!!!!

if one day! lack of...
you use this!
hey man!! u listened?

human!... make sure your hands and legs are functioning


great sport ever!

new model?


AceOne118 said...

Eh peipei, that 7th pic, the sales girl selling nasi lemak plus fresh milk kah? wakakaka

spookygrace said...

aceone: how u know she sells nasi lemak???? hahahahahha