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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oscar and Lily

I have two precious doggies and both are Lilly and Oscar (oshi-car) .Oscar is a boy, and Lilly is a girl. However, the doggiee world has, has been, changed and changing, since they arrive in spooky house. Their both characteristics have polarity between male and female. Oscar act like a feminine girly character while Lilly really rule the whole doggie world in spookygal's house.
I know that I have told these two devil sis and bro many many times that...


They fall in Love each other...just because Oscar thinks he is a girl and Lilly thinks she is a boy. MATCH?

And we are a couple.

Oscar acts in feminine way. He always think for FOOD!

He really looks like a GIRL.

However Lilly.......



They really love each other. Oscar even let Lilly bully him. ALWAYS.

Another thing is, Oscar never dare to be alone, and I always scold him, "OSCAR! PLEASE BE INDEPENDENT LAR!.

Lilly always come back to Oscar, cause they love each other what. And therefore, Lilly got chances to bully Oscar.

One thing that I have to mention mention emphasize emphasize again again! >>>>

and see how a girl behave and how a boy does.

She can......erm.....erm....erm.......

Lilly always think She is A Boy!.....that she can......

Lilly always think that she can............erm........(you know ler)

Oscar is the most pityfull one.

He hates Lilly always messed up his hair style.

Oscar even pose for a snap while Lilly....erm.....

I have to tell Lilly.. " you don't even have lanjiao, how u......=.=""""


AceOne118 said...

fuyoh! Lilly getting horny ar? "Chau Sui" ahhhh!!!!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

swt... now I have seen everything. Like that also can?!? o.O LOL

babyfiona said...

wah! ur oscar so cute ler..really looked like a girl ler!

My peekaboo (girl girl) last time also act like Lily..she thought she got the L part. So funny when look at her f8cking my leg ;p

spookygrace said...

aceone: " i think she just wanna be a man. =.=""

ichitaka: "lol"

babyfiona:"hahaha!, i thought lilly really sot sot dei ald, after hearing you say your dog oso like tat, i think its normall lar.. hahaha"

Idealeye said...

hey why don't we fell into LOVE???
come on my ID