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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Port dickson trip:Way to our destination and our apartment

It was 12 June 2007, 9.30 A.m..

It was the time for all of us to gather in Asia Jaya Lrt station. The lecturer called,
"hello! peipei ah? where u all waiting ah? in Asia Jaya hotel is it? (=.=""), only you arrived ah? other people leh..?" Sir! not hotel lar.. its lrt station!"

Ok, others like yeeting and tankai came continuosly and we waited for others to the gather while yeefong the feon the rabbit girl was busying with Dongxia the Summer gal.

Only left the gang of Engkeat and PenghUn, that they were still in OUG (=.="")..
after the long wait, the lecturer shouted out, "I won't wait somemore already, I wanna minus their marks already....."...Yeah..we really waited for that 2 guys for one hour..Damn Boring waiting there..
and finally ask them jalan themselves.....

i know this gal was busying snappin' picture every corner of the raod!..
I snap u .. u snap me...lalala!!

And the guy who jalan themselves, finally met them in the Dunkin Donut..and they were enjoying their donutss.. very relaxing. So damn crazy that we were waiting for them so long in lrt station, and they were enjoying their donuts there!..grrrrr!

It was raining during our journey!..can u see the rain drops?!

*chengcheng....We finally arrived while the "jalan themselves" gang reached there first, cause the lecturer got the wrong road!.

p/s: remember please travellers! Don't ever take Ringgi Rantau road to PD, please take seremban road!...

After got the car parked, saw a little poor kitty was giggling, and it is blind!..poor poor..poor poor.. but this could imply bad lucks would happened too (CHOI)!

Hang one piece of clothes and framed it will become
"ART"...> i think I can do it my self too!....(=.="")

Nolah!... may be this malay kain means something!

i Promised my cousin sis to bring her some seashells...
i Think I jus can bring her the picture!

Me, tankai, yeeting, engkeat and penghun went in first....
We got a special mission for TANKAI..
when yeeting and me were so scared to do this...we let Mr. tankai to do it...

"Eh! Tankai, knocked the Door! and say something to "them" ah!

Tankai : "Aiya u all so scare for what? " (but he knocked it and say something greeting finally) huuu!...

We place our key in this..> so we got the electricity of the apartment,lalala!

And the rabbit and dongxia came in and..." WHERE IS THE KEY U ALL PUT HAR? LOST ALREADY!"....

the most stupid thing was, me and tankai got frighten up and started to search the key!..(damn stupid)....

Yeeting finally shouted, " the key already put there what?...u all search for what?"

Bag Head=.="""

Ok! time for picturer...

Nice sea view!

Saw this NOTIS in the beach!

"Orang ramai adalah dilarang melakukan perkara-perkara berikut"....

spookygrace: " Kalau kita hanya orang SIKIT saja?"..
Belly Laugh


AceOne118 said...

Aiya! you all didn't fine the "jalan thenselves" for free lunch treat kah?? hahaha

Ichitaka Leingod said...

haha, most of the rooms now stick the keys near the door wall to activate the electricity ma... XD

spookygrace said...

aceone: "they din even care about us, how we dare to ask them for treat.. =.=""

ichi: "i will remember it forever since...."