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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Port dickson trip:Ready to Beach!

Ready to the beach!??
"fOllOw me..everything is alright...lalalalalalala..lalalala..."

We were ready to the sandy beach AND the sea!.. what I most hate ARE
"(s)"..> means A LOT!

  1. sandy sand beach will make my feet and my slipper dirty and sandiee..
  2. Beach will make my shirt full of sand(s) too.
  3. If you drive there, of course, your car will get SAND(s).
  4. the sea TASTE very bad.
  5. Sometimes the sea will be dangerous TOO.

But we were READY!

saw a squirel...

can you see it too?..@.@!!

Before we got wet WET wet!!!!!
Me n Tankai!..

The whole gang !...ready for the BANANA BOAT!
wE were so HAPPY AND EXCITING is it????

Lagoa Rodrigo De Freitas

the Only girls in the Trip!


after the ride!
you tought the stupid banana boat was super FUN...
you will see sad faces of Dong Xia(super poor)!
We still wondering who came out the idea of
and we paid RM17.00 for 3 "throw times"....

it was scary and exciting, but I hate the taste of the sea water..and when the time IT THREW US!


got WET WET WET!!!!!!!!>.<""

Dong xia SAD!(she thought it would be fun, after the first THROW. She yelled " I DOWAN LIAO!!!! I DOWAN LIAO!!!!"

OBVIOUSLY, after the ride!. everyone was BLUR!..(look at yeeting)Roll

Tell me that I'm sexY!!...Sexy not????....hahahaha Sexy

Me and Tankai (always wanted to take photo oni, see people posing for a snap, he everytime oso "cham" together)...hahaha

Sooo sad ..Dong xia the summer girl..>

(i think she gonna kill me if she see this)..hhahaha!!

fast fast run away!!.....byebye!

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AceOne118 said...

Yar are sexy lah. If you took off your T-shirt lagi sexy!!!!

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Hahaha the squirrel looks so cute! Colour blended with the tree liow. Hehhe!

spookygrace said...

aceone: " must keep some mistery oni sexy mia"

nastasshea: " the squirrel damn clever, it thought i can't see it bacause it is same colour as the tree."