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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

journey to Singapore!

It was 11.00 pm, 28 June 2007. We gathered at salak south Garden's bus stop waiting for the tour bus to arrive (lucky it's only opposite my aunt's house). I hate midnite buses, and I can't sleep for the whole midnite. It was too suffering and my butt was so aching.

It's the night..... out of my bus's windows.

After hearing the tour guide throwing out rubbish of letting us know the culture and laws of Singapore. He finally approve us to take a good nap by listening to those chinese oldies songs and some oldies chinese MTV. (totally hate it) And I started to SmS, because it was toooo boring. In addition, it was my period....arggghhh !!!!!!.. Have to sit there for long distance to Singapore.. and I hate my stomache and butt were aching sooo painfullll....

This is the MTV.. =.="""

Untill 3.30 am, we already reached the North part of Johor, and after the nap, now it's the time for us to eat. And I was felt like wanna vomit, and faint. That caused by not enough sleeping hours and that stupid period pain. The tour guide bought us to a stop that has groccery shops and some hawker stalls.

And I forced myslef to get RM1.50's kaya balls..... (no eat cannot)

a stupid conversation with Honey.

Honey:" pei pei ah! we all reach Singapore already lar? then we all have to pay RM or S$ ah?"

Spookygal: " You passed through the kastam already meh? here is Johor lar!"

After 2 more hours, the whole bus's people started to WAR in the kastam area....

First, we all arrived in departure in Johor. In there, so so so many people (people mountain people sea) and I'm one of them to squize like a sardin between two slices of bread. tIU. And always alerted by the tour guide!.. CAREFULL OUR BAGS.. you know what happened recently and all the time in Johor. Snatches+ robers+theives..all the ways....So embarrased as a Malaysian.

And I totally do not think Malaysia is a good place for visitors. Have to be very careful in Johor areas. Sigh!!!
My advice:

"Travellers and visitors ! If you do not afraid that perhaps you will die suddenly and at the same time you perhaps will lose your branded handbags, Malaysia will be suitabled to you."
"Travellers and visitors ! If you did not experience of people snatch your handbags before, please come to Malaysia to experience it."
"Travellers and visitors ! If you still think robers and snatch thieves are everywhere is very fun to you, Malaysia is a wonderfull place for you to visit."

After the Johor kastam....ngek ngek ngek! Now the Singapore's kastam!...SOOOOO many human in the early 6.00 am.

Before the kastam, of course we must know a little bit of Singapore's laws and rules.. For that, I have to tell You a story here! and the story title : "ONE PACK OF SMOKING CIGARETTE COST S$200.00"

This story began by my aunty during Singapore's kastam'in, after the officers checked our passport, now bags scanning.
Now here are the rules, cigarettes and alcohol drinks are prohibited in Singapore, of course those chewing gums too. At home, spookypapa and spookymama already distributed those cigarettes for us to keep (properly). I kept one pack, papa kept one pack, and mama kept 2 packs. My grandpa lagi geng, he kept 3 packs of cigarettes and 2 cans Guiness stout in his bag. Of course, those goods we already put it in our bag properly in our house before we went there. If not, you know how much those cigarretes and alcohol drink sell in Singapore? tsk tsk tsk....
One of my clever uncle realised that he got kept extra cigarrettes in his bag, and he asked aunty to kept for him one pack of cigarette because he afraid of kena... The transaction of cigarette happened during we queue up for the passport checked. AND THOSE OFFICERS SAW IT, WITH CCTVs!
During the bag scanning, the officer grabbed my aunty's bag to a room and started to goreng the whole bag and found one cigarette! OF COURSE, after a long war, my aunty fined for S$200.00 FOR A PACK OF CIGARETTE. If "tak ada" money, lokap!... the payment made by creadit card finally. Singapore everything must follow laws one...haizz...
I think the person have to smoke "the pack" wisely.. =.=""""
heehee, I din kena oso..muahahahahaha!!!!!

Good Morning Singapore 7.oo am after I brushed my teeth in the kastam's toilet!

No camera allowed (what Am I doin?).And cctvs are everywhere!

But I don't afraid of bringing in chewing gums...muahahahahaha!!!!!
And you know where I stayed for the night..... > (stop laughing at this place)
And after one hour, we went for te breakfast In geylang. The cheapest for one bowl of meehun will cost S$2.00 (but it still consider expensive).
I've ordered one bowl of chicken porridge! made me vomit!...

But we still have to finish our food, pity Honey was suffering for the bowl of fish ball meehun.
when you see those restaurants with banners like this..majority no good food.
What made me feel impressed was clean clean and calm environment in Singapore. Few cars on the road, clean places and feel safety. You do not need to afraid of snatch thieves there, eventhough you hold you cash on your hands. No one will come and snatch it one. hahahaha!


AceOne118 said...

Oi! how you brought the pack of chewing gum in? You put under your bra or underwear? Aiyoyo! period somemore..if singapok kastams check the chewing gum is under yr undies sure "sway" ten years wan! hahaha

Singapok Bolih!!!

spookygrace said...

ace:"siao lar you! =.="" who will put there ???"""""