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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Singapore: gOING To Sentosa

the sentosa station is located in ViVo city!.....

I'm in VIVO city ! kachak!

Eat pau! ???????????? wahahahaha! funny name!

We are WarIN in the ladies! now! what we gonna DO! Do it now! if not! After ward! no toilet!
The water supply super fun! Singapore now is doin some kinda "water" thingy and askin the public to save water! We do!
Wonder why no water CoMe out?

put your hand there! ? erm..still don have!

Must put it somemore nearer to the paip!.....
ticket to sentosa!

People struggling to the station!

INside the LRT! (super slow)
Look at out side!
you can choose to go with cable car., sky way!

we arrived!!!!!

To be continued.......


aceone said...

wOAH! so nice. You made in want to go singapok liao.

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, vacation again, so syok... so long liao I no go Spore... T_T

spookygrace said...

ace:"u go invite me oso..kekeke"

ichi:"singapore noting special lar.malaysia better!"kekekke