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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Singapore: sentosa

After coming out from the sentosa lrt last station, I was stepping on Sentosa Island. I have nothing special to say about and comment about the island but one word. "FAKE". everything is so fake there and those sands, trees and sea are so non-natural.

Even the sentosa's working staff. I saw one guy who was busying cleaning the lrt after we left while busying scolding other staff (maybe those under him) with angry emotion on his face, when he saw my two little cute cousin brother and sister, he suddenly change "face" and keep on smiling and waving hands to my 2 cousin brother and sister. (Understand, is their job to wave hands and smile when seeing those cute kids passing by and to show they are good in manners, polite ).

after we left that area, I turn back and heard him scolding people AGAIN. (change so FAST) =.="""" ... So pity their job.......cause have to be fake and pretendin' all the time.

See the sandy beach? see those coconut trees. And the place is SUperb clean. The sand doens't look like sand. and those trees are obviously planted and they are not grown naturaly. Sands look like people purposely put it on the beach. The envi there look very nice and all FAKE! but still very beuty-FULL scene....

Licking ice-cream!

have to cross the bridge. Between it is sea. with no wave....

I'm with the map, Look very fat on this picture...yeerrrrr!!!

can't see meeeeee!!!!!

Now get more nearer! I was balancing and look weird.

ships are doing business......

view of the island.....

"spookygrace @ sentosa"

look at my shadow....kekeke

who dare to swim... I'm not dare...=.=""" sentosa is a "pulau mati"
the beach will sweep you away one..yeerrr!!!!

find this very funny....I don believe!!! jelly fish got "chi"?????

waiting for the bus!

On the bus...

before going back...kachak!

This is 7-eleven.

Nothing much special about the island, part of it still under construction, and major part of it acquire "bring money to enter".....

this is not the real merlion in raffles park.

go there by lrt, going back by bus.....

ITS STAR CRUISEE!!!!!! GOD!!!! Shocked

Away from Sentosa....

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