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Thursday, August 09, 2007

All About Ponteng (truant)

All I wanted to share today is all about ponteng, or truant. Or in abreviation form "P" (we used this to avoid teacher knowing our plan)

for example:

"eh! afterward sejarah class (history), we all P ah..!?!" (so, no one knows what the hell is "P", and ponteng plan, succeeded)

Mission Accomplished

At the same time, answer tag by ichitaka..

1. Write about one of your naughty moments in secondary school.
2. Story must not be shorter than 20000 words. Just don't make it too brief lah.
3. Tag bloggers who you think have really interesting stories to tell.

"One of my naughty moments in secondary school."

For me, I am not the kind of material that can fight with others. *cough cough, I'm a "he ping zhu yi zhe" . I'm an amiable, love peace, kind and easy going person, not that kind of no-war-no-peace personal. That's why I got no chance to fight! If one shouted out "mau cari gaduh ah??", I sure will show out some kung fu to them.

Therefore, ponteng (truant) consider the most naughtiest moment in secondary school.

Ponteng divided into 2 types, ponteng class and ponteng school. And what are the reasons to ponteng? Also didvided into many types.. family, teachers, friends, affair, play-play....

For me? I just wanna have an experience..hahaha, and I found it super "qi gek", exciting. So, when people ask you, "oi, you never ponteng before ah? So guai one ah.." , THEN you begin the bet with your friend. "Afterward, ponteng together lar, see who kena tangkap first..''

I just like to have FUN when ponteng class. You know when form one Matematik class, all things that teacher taught in the board I already expert in it. And during that math class, I even TEACH the teacher how to do it, cause she did wrong all the time on board. (My school in Shah Alam was majority malayss..), So, what for I spend my time as a student in that matematik class to teach a teacher but not learning it. I was so fade up with it.

So, pakat with all the chinese friends together and "P" volleyball lastly..haha. The teacher also did not bother us, just may be she knew that we are actually "too-much" to stay in that class, so, she just close-one-eye. Ponteng class was FUN.

Another ponteng-ponteng scene was during form 2 and 3. I think you guys will realise that in primary and secondary school, when during the recess time, all students must gather themselves in canteen, and not allowed to stay in the classroom except for those "maids" who are in duty.

And the school will just assign those their "doggie" servant and stand in front all the school's staircase, and prevent student going up to their classroom before the siren sounds (mostly classrooms are in first floor and above). And everyone has to squeezz in that canteen, if you wanna eat, then eat, if you not eating, just stand there and gossip.

After leaving that kind of life for almost 3 years....

I still don't know why students must follow such stupid rule......


I think majority schools (by government) are like that...

Agree? correct? false??

And the most exciting part of course was during this "cannot-stay-in-class" moment, cause, those doggie will come to class-by-class, to smell was there any human.

Me, and 2 girlfriends were just start our war with those loyal-teacher's-doggie-team.

First of all, we must know how to play hide and seek with them, and we must know which place that actually they don't smell often (Don't tell me is toilet, We don't spend our 20 minutes hiding in toilet), we must know who is in duty and who not, we must know which dogs are useless and which dogs are powerfull, for you to understand, compare a Shi-tzu with a German Shephered, then you know which is more powerfull.

Of course, so many doggie in school, you sure will know 10 of them, means you already very close-close-friend with them, when they caught you, just pretend that you all are very friend friend. By how? means, what you eat, they also eat. (dogs are like that one, see my Lilly and Oscar). And try to make more good dogs as your friend in future, in order to survive in that everyday-20 minutes-war.....

We usually hide in some staircase or some very hideous places in school. And the most important thing is, make sure they don't aware of you during the war, if they do, try to run as fast as possible into a place that is safety one. That's why that time I was so slim.....

Make sure only you can SEE them, But.. they can't see you....

What I tried to do so much is just... I DOWAN GO DOWNSTAIR!!!

Fun??? Exciting???? ..... qi gek leh....

Doggies are those school's prefect, we call them doggie because they kept by teachers in school, they are loyal to teachers ,and like to bodek, and like to follow wherever the teachers go..

I don't ponteng school, I think it will be very stupid. If I wanted to do that, just don't need to go school, but.. by how???

Purposely sleep late for that day and blame it to the alarm clock.

"Aiyah, today sleep late already, mommy, my alarm clock not function ah, no need go school today lar...".. perfect tactic...

or.. just tell my parents I don't wanna go school tomorrow and say tomorrow probable got functions. Then, just stay at home and online and tvb'ing. And have fun.

Or maybe you dowan let your parents know. My friends and my brother will probable do like this:

Find the most easy-get-out gate in the school, probably near to the football field one. Bring along your t-shirts with you, and when you got out, fast fast change it.. and you must know some skill on it. Like cilmbing and running are usefull, if you can't do these, you will be in trouble when ponteng'ing. Because, those guru disiplin will chase on you when they awared.

Lastly, please go to the most safest cyber cafe, and don't go to those easy-get-caught CC. (this is the place of heaven after they ponteng out from school)....

I don't think you don't need so difficult to runaway from school, just go and write and print pages of "absent-form".. or prepare many pages of "absent letter" first, then just fill in the date that you absent and give it to your class teacher and claim that you got letter to prove why you absent.... so not consider ponteng.

easy right??.. I still keep a lot of it, want me to give you????

I still remember me and my friends had a competition in writing karangan during our curriculum week, and the title is "Punca-punca ponteng".. (reasons of why students like to truant)... and we won in second or dono third place, just because of those stupid points in that karangan.

Yeah ,I admit that I did contribute a lot of stupid points (i'm creative) that really make sense and let the teacher laugh. and that guru disiplin was like..

"awak mana tau banyak point ni, kau ni experience ponteng dulu lar."

me: "memang..memang..." (say at heart one)..

But, honestly, who in the world will be so damn obedient and NEVER ponteng before one...

Tell me..... Tell me....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think nowadays ponteng is getting much much more difficult than last time. Now, you must have to learn some kung-fu, and some "hing gong", to ponteng.....

飞檐走壁,身手非凡,一流轻功的逃学武林高手. I think they learn it from the shao-lin school...

Nowadays ponteng have to climb over roof, maybe nextime students have to dig ground to pass through it... tsk tsk tsk...

Ponteng is Fun and exciting...agree?????

(Don't say I teach one)


AceOne118 said...

Waoh! so qi gek wan. I thought girls skool all good-good wan. Rupa-nya all notty-notty geh! kekeke

Apple said...

haha...i'm the guai type lar..never ponteng in school and i'm from chinese school. but of course lar, still got people ponteng in my school. but yo know what? recently i have a feeling of "ponteng" work =.=

Ichitaka Leingod said...

haha, they dont let ppl go up during recess is because some ppl who is in the classroom may curi barang or take ur stuff and play hide and seek with it. so all go down then nobody can do it lor... XD

spookygrace said...

ace:" my school is boy girl cam cam one.., who said girls cannot noti one meh..!"

apple:" ponteng work, make sure u got fully utilise your annual leave and get salary..kekeke"

ichi:" how about those pengawas and those dutied students, pengawas wont curi one meh.. ,no point lor.. :( .. "

miChi3 said...

you look like very 乖乖型..
can't believe u like to ponteng..=p
erm, when i'm in secondary school, I think I dun ponteng, except for the times after taking SPM..I ponteng to go CC play games..XD As for now, in college sure will skip the class..but cannot skip too many, later cannot cope with the studies..=p

spookygrace said...

michi3:" ponteng go play game can relieve stress during spm mar. good good..kekeke"