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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hate! hate ! hate! Why like that one....

I can't view all my youtube stuffs, and I can't connect it. I want to watch so many stuffs and video there, can anyone tell me what's going on to youtube. ??? !!!

can you all see my "ponteng" video??? GGGGRRRRR!!! really angry!!!

CAN'T SEE YOUTUBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even view the malaysian chinese forum webpage!!! gggrrrrrr!!! what's going on!!!????? cannot connect it!!!!!!!! I got so many things to post out one. I saved the link, and I go back to it today, cannot connect. =(

So many news and ke-poh stuff in that forum... I want to seeeeEEEEEEeeee!!!!!!! *lau gai

lucky still can blog..=P

I busying looking for the link I download namewee's "negarakuku", I think you guys knew it right. Lucky I didn't depend on youtube so much, furthermore, I do not know how to download video from youtube. Lucky I found one site, that allowed me to download it. Wahahaha!! what do you think?

Yeah, I admit I love it, and I admit I watched it N times, also won't cause bored on me. The video and the song is fav, just download it. OK! I just wanna make it a collection for myself, no harm-done.. The song is so RARE! (so thankfull to internet,kekeke) ... I just wanna collect it..YES!

the guy got sued (he is still in Taiwan) , the government is taking action...hope he is still fine then..

if government wish to do that, why don't they Do some INTERNET PROHIBITION. So, everyone can't use internet to blog and those "freedom-to-speak" matter will not be a matter to Malaysia,. RIGHT?

If we do not blog, "freedom-to-speak" issue won't exist. So, why government spend so much times on sueing bloggers, just because indirectly break the country's law? Just BAN INTERNET, and everthing will be settled. right?

tell me tell me ....haizzz

and we live in harmony without network connection. Sounds great right?

I have some questions about "sejarah malaysia"..

hee hee, you know ler, my history paper result no-so-good lar. ok! kekeke

before that..


  1. hang tuah???
  2. hang jebat???
  3. hang li po???
  4. and all the "hang-hang" human being that appeared in Malaysia's history??

Tell me who are they can boh??? kekeke

Yeah, I did not learn who are the "hang tuah"and all the "hang-hang" during my-time history text book! But I still think there are many of you guys learn who are them right? and the story of them right?

So, since you all so panai, tell me...hehe!!!, I just only learnt it in sastera lesson class. =P

I heard the "hang tuah" history were only appeared untill year 2000 sejarah text book, why leh?? Thinking

and when I look into internet about "their" info, I found something interesting leh..kekekeke

Please Let Me Know if you know..I know you know, cause I know you panai lor....


Apple said...

something wrong with your internet connection? I can see the ponteng video wor. I like that song by namewee too...

you can go to to download youtube vids.

the hang-hang thing..i think i know a little, i mean the interesting part.

AceOne118 said...

Aiseyman! I can see and download load video from you tube leh. Your stim-mex konektion sucks lah! kekeke

danielctw said...

Hang Hang thing ar???
Come see my old old post!! Talked about it like nearly 2 years ago!!

Hang Tuah

spookygrace said...

apple and ace: "yer. why my internet connection like tat one leh, 3 days oledi... =("

daniel: " okie okie..kekeke"