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Sunday, August 05, 2007

All 'bout UEL result.

Perhaps this post will be not so FUN to you guys, but ocassionally when this kinda things happen to myself, I will defnitely shiok-myself, and I feel very happy-fun on this.

After reading feon-rabbit's haolianisme and dulanisme post that she was MSNing with a female friend yesterday and chatting about our outED result. I wonder how come she faced same situation as I faced yesterday.. funny right??. But my story is quite different than rabbit's, but the similar thing is, both are haolianism and dulanism, and both are good friends..

Rabbit yesterday was chatting with T while I was chatting with S. T approached to rabbit where I approach to S.

When the rabbit girl told me that our result has outEd since Friday, the first reaction is go for a check. Ok lar, now my turn to be haolian ok.. *cough cough.. My OM got overall 78 (please clap your hands cause I got DISTINCTION)

IBE got 69. and the distinction mark is 70 (only one mark remain I can get distinction, because the lecturer doesn't like me "f***") harlo !!! 69 !!! .. (haolian) I already very proud of myself, also consider distiction lar, one mark remain only mah..

And my FOMP, also very good already, I got 66, consider merit and pass, not bad lar. I very proud of myself can get such high marks already, cause I really study hard for that... (big clap please, cause I'm haolian.) hahaha!

After looking at my results, I opened the MSN live and see see who's on the line. Ok, I found one who is in our class (have to ke-poh her result at first). This is S, she is a good friend of T, I was having a GREAT conversation with her yesterday night.

me: (approach to say Hi to her)..

S: " hi... "

me: " how's your result?"

S: "ok ler, I got all pass"

me: "So? what's your marks?"

S: "I got all pass lar....."

(look like she didn't know that our result already outED in our account and she just knows she got all pass or fail by our co-ordinator, and I did not tell her that our result is in our UEL account.. hohohoho..)

But in this case, seems she did not say that she hasn't checked in her account, I really taught she has checked her marks early early and refuse to tell me the marks...

me: " So, how's the mark lar?? ." (quite dulan to her already in this time, and really getting me irrate)

me:" Didn't check it in your account yet????" . (I was totally bitchy-lansee here) ..heehee


me: "so. how's your mark?" (I really have no idea that she has not checked her marks yet or she checked but refuse to tell me..)

so.. I keep asking her... (just to be ke-poh)

She finally really angry already and annoyed...

S: " NOW I AM CHECKING LAR!!!" (she really got mad, maybe because I lost her face on haven't check on our result yet..)


me: "So, how is it?" (feel very stupid of annoyed by those haolian people)

S: " ok lar...., I got all pass..."

The result that I wanted wanted wanted to know from her is her OM result. Yes, Mr. Peter Low, our OM lecturer had told us that one female has failed in our final exam, and yet, the final exam was super easy cause we just have to read all those MCQs questions given by the lecturer, and there will be a "miracle" if someone will fail it.

Mr. Peter: "I wonder how can she failed in the easy final exam.." (shacking his head)

us: "who ? who ? who? who? who? (ke-poh and started guessing)

Mr. Peter: "a female."

us:" then who who? chinese, indian or malay..."

Mr.Peter: "cannot tell lar, I tell u all, then U all know already."

so, the secret kept untill now, and the answer will be coming out after S told me her result....hohoho

me: " so how is your OM paper? "

S: "ok lar, I got 44%, pass.."

me:" then your IBE leh..?"

S: " i got 56.."

So, what should you say to your friend if you knew that he or she got averagely 50% for his or her exam? you will say something to motivate them and make them not-so-sad.....

me:" Ok lar, U oso can get all pass, not bad lar (actually 44% is really bad, cause everyone got chance to get very high marks in that OM)

I definitely was faked in that moment. the true is "How come you will get 44% in the OM one, really dissapointing lor.."

You know what's S reacted?

S: "Ok lar, I can get all pass.. "... (same human being as T)


And she doesn't know that she is the one who failed in her OM mcq, and our lecturer "hard-hard" make her pass, and she still super satisfy of her PASS result......

these kinda super-easy-satisfy human being need not worried at all one, not because I am kiasu ok. Ok lar, actually I am quite kiasu. But kiasu also a kind of good attitude what, at least you won't get yourself fail in that super easy mcq test. Not like that kind of hao-lian people.

If I know I can in a super easy test, I definitely will now forgive myself, maybe I will kill myself too and totally blame on myself.

when having kinda typing-conversation on msn, you know her engrish is super powderful that will kill people. yeefong you know ler hor...

May be I should say congratulation to S...cause she got pass all, and got a pass in OM that lecturer hard-hard make her pass one.


AceOne118 said...

I veli sad! My results: OM 36 nia, IBE 30, But the only good news is my HS I ngam-ngam got 70 kira got one distinction lar! hahaha

spookygrace said...

aceone:" What's HS??"

Alex said...

congrats.. very well done...

Rabbit said...

kaka! Ace kor kor oso got OM results?! fuahhhh.

Woi u kepoh goan ask them, they sure think u wanna hao lian to them lah. keke! Guess she wud have cursed u in heart already.

spookygrace said...

alex:" thanks, i dont think i did really well on it."

rabbit:" now is my turn to be haolian oledi..."

AceOne118 said...

HS is Hamsap stori lar...dapat 70 distinction! Muahahahaha!!!!