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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Beautiful and creative hair-band

I think there is majority of you guys will be aware of the LIVE LIFE EARTH campaign in all over the world. So, to save the earth, the first thing that you should do is always "RECYCLE", avoid using plastic material hand bag, reduce CFC, differentiate rubbishEs into different categories. TO RECYCLE.

I think China succeeded in being recycle, with their perfect creative and innovative techniques to reuse something. China should awarded a prize then. And this article is clearly shows how China succeed in reuse and recycle, and to prove, they are really care the earth. In addtition, china-man is the most creative human being in earth.. =.=""

about those "made-in-China" hair band. Cute and colourful, and attractive right? BUT, you have to beware to buy hair-band in China....

remove the outer..... see what's inside then....

It is CONDOM???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... Sex

That's really disgusting!!!! I wonder how after people had sex on that thing, and they reuse it by "transform" it into a hair-band. I don't think those hair-bands are made by brand new condom, sure people used it before, and these gila people reuse it.

After this, I throw all my "look-similar-with-this" hair band, and do not buy any hair-band from pasar-malam. You know, in Malaysia's pasar-malam, people will bring many goods especially from guang zou and those rural areas of China, and "import" into Malaysia, and sell it in pasar-malam..

yiak, that's really disgusting!


Rabbit said...

what the?!

*dumps all similar hair bands into dustbin*

Oh wait, maybe i should take them out and check if its really condom in it hor?

Foodie Lover said...

omg!!! I gonna check too..
*esther curious*


Poonky said...

u dint check if its really condom meh

spookygrace said...

rabbit:" no need check, jus throw it straightly.."

foodie lover:" don't tell me you got a lotsa these kinda hair band too.. @.@!!"

poonky:" no need check.. straight straight throw!"

AceOne118 said...

Woah! Now I know use it for emergency wan geh.Oooooo!!!

spookygrace said...

ACE:" how emergency oso cannot protect and safety already lar..=.="""

Huei said...


soooo disgusting! i thought it was rubberband..manatau..ewwww!!!

spookygrace said...

huei: "it is a "transformed" rubber band, recycle mar.. kekeke"