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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nothing-to-do day ..

Sunday? What will I gonna do on Sunday, it will be boring to me cause probably I am totallY free on Sunday. No dating, no friends call out for gathering, no where to go.. and probably Sunday will let me sit Whole day on watching TVB. my eyes won't leave the TV screen, even the phone rings I sometimes won't aware about it. =P

Niamahui fulat.. @#%%$&&^!!!

Untill now I still can't watch youtube.. aarrgghh! why like that one geh! yer!! ~~ stupid connection, last time still OK one, why suddenly will can't connect one. Some pictures also can't be viewed, even the *laugai

Today is a nothing-to-do day, just follow my uncle to a fair in PWTC... quite boring and nothing-to-do..

IPMEX organised by KAIZER. Ok, what the hell it is????

"International Printing, Paper, Packaging Machinery Exhibition."

Camwhore with honey during our journey =P


there are a lot of printing machine...
even can print a car... =.=""
canon and fuji xerox take a lot of space in that exhibition...
kung-fu.... it is stephen chow by "THE ONE ACADEMY"

wakakaka! the "bao zhou por"

me n the drawings..
honey with the drawing..

when we passed through this... OMG.. it is super smelly..
so? blame it to the rain ... but the river is actually polluted by human. But sometimes we got nothing to blame on, "just because it is rainy day, so that's why the river is so smelly".. =.=""
Human!!! be aware lar OK????

it was really smelly till you faint and vomit! Come on, it is a ''government" place, PWTC.. with that smell that can make people vomit. ( it is like garbage truck smell..) tsk tsk tsk

and you can see the river is actually not clear and clean, it is yellowish colour!
after running throught the smelly smelly river and walk a long-walk to THE MALL! it has been long time ago that I never step into this mall since 7 years old. Last time, me and my brother liked to go for the children playground and had fun, while parents will just sitting out there..kekeke
Now? the playground just bankrupt!

I got a poster of RATATOUILLE..haha! super happpyyy Roll
and a CIMA!
The requirements for the entry to the fair. You must show your registered company name-card... and must not below 16 years old (Honey cheated..kekeke. ssshhh!). somemore cannot wear slipper.. =.="""
This one is this year... 2007
and this is last last year 2005.....

I think I have to sign out! the computer sot-sot! aarrgghh! HATE IT! .. sometimes you will like internet! and it will sometimes make you become MAD oso....ggrrr!!!!!

please support me by clicking my ads PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!.. I need money to go "gai-gai". If not I where got money go "gai-gai" wor... *sad


Alex said...

have you even walk from sg wang to low yat? that place sucks too.. i wonder they cant just keep that place cleaner since so many ppl using that road?

Apple said...

oh! that smelly smelly river! I've walked passed there too. that time I was following my friend to the PC fair at PWTC. He leads the way, as I'm not familiar with KL roads. We used monorail, walked a long distance, then passed this god..

ratatouille cute ^^

and of course I never forget to support you everytime I visit ur blog :P

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, the drawings are nice... especially the girl and 'bao zhou poh' pic... look so identical! XD

spookygrace said...

alex: "yeah, you have to pass through the rubbish house (dono how many thones of rubbish ther)"

apple:" i wonder how those people work there can tahan the smell."

ichi:"yeah, its from the one academy"

AceOne118 said...

Woah, you came here why no call me jek, aisey...wan to ketuk you belanja makan kenny rogers oso kenot.

spookygrace said...

ace:"luck din tell lu.. =.=""