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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aunty a sex hunger..wahaha!!

Before looking down to the content, please ignore the title "sex hunger" first, because you guys have to be educated. One of my friend after reading my post THIS. Yeah, about the condom transformed into a hair-band.... =.=""

my friend pop out..

Friend: "Eh, how you know that one is Condom?? U have sex before ah??!"


I think even idiot knows what the hell is condom. And, It doesn't mean that I MUST have sex to know what the heck is condom.

Maybe we just have to blame on our education right? One thing, do you really understand that what had your dedicated teacher taught you in your secondary school? I mean the form 3 science first chapter untill third chapter, that's all PEMBIAKAN.

However in Malaysia is like that..

"what the heck you (teacher) teach I absorb into my brain and memorized it. even without one word missing. And vomit it out exactly during exams. I JUST WANT TO SCORE IN MY EXAMS PAPER, WHO THE HELL GOT TIME TO CARE ABOUT UNDERSTAND OR NOT."

correct? agree or disagree?

And at the same time, those perfect teachers are actually "touch-n-go" those topics, and assume WE students are intelligent, and let us SELF-STUDY... what we do just COPY-PASTE everthing in the book.

correct?agree or disagree?

maybe there are good teachers in certain SMK schools, but majority is what I mentioned above..

correct?agree or disagree?

They just teach how to MEMBIAK, but never teach how to protect.. agree?

So that's why my friend came and ask such stupid questions.... sigh!!!

Or maybe some clever human will just come out their own method in sex education...THIS.

It doesn't mean having sex education in early young age will cause a bad effect to the community. And it doesn't mean that people who wanna have earlier sex education is just because they wanna experiment it.

Always the same thing I have to say: "CAN'T CONTROL PEOPLE'S THINKING"..

maybe what they think is good but actually it is bad. Can't people be more open and civilised (my own philosophy)????????????

this proved that sex education should given to the young age, avoid such embarrasing thing happen in public.. (this is super funny!!!!) wahahahahahaha

not only to the younger age...but...... this aunty maybe a sex-hunger.. kekekeke



conan_cat said...

lol agree lor!! skool teachers memang really touch-n-go when it comes to these topics one lor! but my skool teacher one year very good lar, he got bring in banana and teach the boys how to wear condom... and our counselling department always have sex ed talk one, but never on the most interesting part lar... lol XD

spookygrace said...

conan:"at least got banana..., but last time even a small timun oso don have..=.=""

Apple said...

haha..agreed. teachers feel embarrassing about such topic. how to give sex ed? we are in a conservative country..and of course lots of people having conservative mind...

Ichitaka Leingod said...

lol, funny pics...

wat to do, teacher also need to be careful... in case student misinteprete and later complain to parents 'teacher teach one!' XD

AceOne118 said...

My skool teacher didn't even mention abt this topic. She make dunno oni.

Alex said...

haih... some even skip that topic coz malu malu wor....
spookygrace give class la..hahaha.. then this blog will be EDUCATIONAL also... hehehehe...

SOn said...

hey.. i totally agree.. haha all i want to do is score in my exams!! LOL

spookygrace said...

apple:" yeah, we are in conservative country.."

ichi:" such teachers are all failure!!"

ace:" then u represent the teacher and teach lar, somore u got highest mark in your HS subject..kekeke"

alex:" me? not qualified lar... aceone teach better...hahaha"

son:" yeah, tat's why getting so many A's oso dono what for..sigh.."

Simple American said...

In American public schools they give out condomes. Some even provide a cucumber or banana so everyone knows how to apply them. This is why my kids are in private school.

Maybe the auntie point out to the uncle. Remember when you add a pair. Thank goodness she don't kiss him like the little girl did to Pluto.

Rabbit said...

Fuah u are getting more and more readership!

Yay for you!

spookygrace said...

simple american:"she doesn't point. she used to hold it on her hands.. =.=""""

rabbit:" yay!"

Anonymous said...

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