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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Arrgg ~~!!!

Few more days to go, guess what?? AAARRGGG~~!!

School open on next Monday, *haizz, have to begin the stupid damn fucking boring time again. Like now, everyday, stucking myself at home, TVing, and Computering have so much fun. And somemore can sleep untill late late, then late late midnight oni sleep. SoOo enjoy. Thinking going to have fucking harsh life in college and assignments.. aarrgghh~~ My brain will explode ~~

And even don't have free time to waste ~~ *haizz

have to study study~~ reserach research~~again again.. ~~



ashleyteng said...

walau A! so good you in holiday ka?!!! i pulak so busy lah in university here!!! i dreadfully need holidays man!

spookygrace said...

mar ponteng lor.. kekeke

Simple American said...

Don't you want to see your college mates?

spookygrace said...

simple: "i still can see them and chat with them on9, =P, I just hate those hectic college life =.="" said...

Enjoy your life in college ^-^

spookygrace said...

yenjai: "i will.. =)"