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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Teach you english here..

I'm here to tell you about a "English Lesson" by Jolin Tsai, yes, she is the Taiwanese star, that recently succeeded in her concert, and she is releasing her new album soon. If you have not forgotten, she came out some English books, which is not that type of story telling or personal story written in English, it is "Jolin Tsai English Teaching Diary" something.

I read it once somewhere else at book store, when I heard she came out an "English learning book". Well, for me, for an artis, seldom heard that they will come out an education material to the public. So, curiousity killed me. I still wanna have a look with it.

It really got me a shock for that. When I reading it, it is same like reading primary english or nursery class english, =.="" And another thing is, WEIRD ~~ yeah, it is really weird during reading the "diary" she written there.. All I expressed was "HAR??!!" "Like this Also can??"

Well, those English are really Like non-profession, and not worth to learn, and it is sOo American style, And unarrangable. Other than reading the english part, it translates the english to chinese for the readers to understand those meanings. And highlighted some relevant words, like, what is "cosmetic"?.. bla..bla..bla... I was again.. "HAR??!!" "Like this also can ah??!!"

In the mean while, I do not know what kind of audience she targetted?Who will read her book?? Maybe just primary class students. However, it is impossible the readers are majority ADULTS??!!~~ I think all the while Jolin came out this, just to grab her fans to read it, maybe her fans would not.

When I heard she came out "English learning" lesson books, I really thought her english will be super duper fantastic, and it is worthable to buy the diary book, as I wanna learn it cause my english will just ma ma dei. And I thought, the little book might be usefull to me. I did not say, the english she uses is POOR, I just can say, when I was reading it, all I thinked was "WEIRD~~WEIRD~~WEIRD!!" maybe it is the Taiwanese slang. You know in Malaysia you will use Manglish, which is equivalent to other nation's like Taiwan English, will be "Taiglish"

Listen to her CD to learn English, well I think it is WEIRD~~~

Well, if Jolin capable to come out an English book like this, with using simple passage of diary and teach you what kind of vocab she used to write in her diary, I think Spookygrace, yeah that's me, and many others simply-used-english-people Also able to Simply come out such book or diary passage and teach English.

Let me teach you English here, come out an "ENGLISH LESSON" material???, erm... maybe I will think of it. *blek

Trans-(a)-la-tion here..

Engrish is not difficult

Father called "far- der"

Mother called "mar-der"

Brother called "bu-la-der"

Sister called "Sis-tle"

Ghost called "GhO--ssseee"

Mouse called "mau-- ssseee"

Juice called "zhu-sseee"

Cheese called "qi--ssee"

Face called "Fei- ssee"

Please called "pe-li-ssee"

Scold people called "you-bus-tat"

Is my English level "veli- nai-ssee" ??

See? I can come out a book and teach English just like that, my English is soO one-the-fool ~~ Right????


cbenc12 said...

wooohooo.. jolin teaches english!!!

aceone118 said...

That wan is not English la. Jolin and me go to the same-same skool wan. We attended yinglish class!!!! The yinglish tea-cher veli terrer wan geh. wakakaka

vhanded said...

Ha, I seem like read about that in some forwarded mail... But this is like cheating consumer's money, as that is not a proper way to learn english...

Thanks for dropping by!

Apple said...

American style English is what I prefer more (eventhough in school we learn British English, but see? Most of the time the movie we watch are using American English)

I think those who love Jolin don't even matter about the English but is the content. LOL general Taiwanese English is not very offense.

simonso said...

Kkeeke the link i click to is all in chinese? I tak paham :P

Broken said...

Jolin can dance...
Can sing...
Can shake her ass..
Can have gossip with Jay Chou...

But not english...

spookygrace said...

cbenc12: "yeah, tat's been a time already.."

aceone:" wah,then u all learn english together, got learn any other things o not.."

vhanded: "agree"

apple: "yala, just dance and sing, she doesn't need to teacher her style english."

simonso:"yeah, it is a combination of learning english to chinese, but the MP3 is in english"


Yatz said...

luckily u find the contents sounds weird..which means ur england is still ok compared to hers..LOL

spookygrace said...

yatz:"my england become veli powderful afta reading jolin's england.."

danielctw said...

Welcome to the WEIRD WEIRD GANG!!1

spookygrace said...

daniel : "yeah, weird..~~"

Simple American said...

What's wrong with American English. Huh? Huh?



spookygrace said...

Simple: "ooi, i din say anything wrong, it is just very weird, especially when U listen to Jolin's, u know her?? It is so like street english.... just found it weird weird.."