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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moron Education ~~~

Sorry for not updating for yesterday, guess what?

My dad asked me to help him on the cushion of the furniture, and my stupid allergic nose keep on running when I kena those dust coming out from the cushion. And eventually getting a quite dizzy-sleepy illness, and moodless, even type a lot of wrong words during MSNing, *sigh

When I was having a great sleep at 9.oo pm, my mom suddenly called... *cellphone ringing

Shit ~~ I'm sleeping lar, why call now ~~~ !!!!

Mom : "Eh, I ask you something har, you answer me ah...very emergency... "

Me: "Ah (still sleeping mood) " (means yes)

Mom: "the question is hor ~~ 'what kind of food do these people eat?' "

Mom: "Japanese eat Sushi, ngam mou? "

Me: "ah... ~~" (yes)

Mom: "Malay eat Nasi lemak lar, then Indian eat Roti Canai, correct??"

Me: "Aha ~~" (yes)

Mom: "then Korean eat Seaweed correct? "

Me: "Also can ~~ (cause it doesn't mean only korean eat seaweed, Japanese also damn like it)"

Mom: "then KFC leh? what people eat KFC one? (kentucky Fried chicken)

I really thought my mom was telling a joke to me, or giving me some such idiot IQ test, or some kind of sabotage questions.. So, I should answer her smartly.

Me: "KFC comes from USA one mar, you can say, USA people eat it first lor.."

Mom: ''you sure or not...."

Me: "what I sure Or not? KFC is from USA one lar.. correct lar.."

Me: "what is the Question?" (what a silly-silly ques??")

Mom: "What kind of foods do these people eat?" (she repeated)

At this time I really thought it was a sabotage question, or some kind of trick testing... *blink blink

Mom: "er... nevermind nevermind.... then Mc Donald leh... what people eat Mc Donald one? "

Me: "Mc Donald also from USA one lor... " (it is really origined from there)

Mom: "har?? Also from USA one ah? Mc Donald wor???"

Me:" Yala ~!! whose question is this? who is doing this, why ask such questions geh?"

Mom: "No lar, this is MEI MEI's homework lar.. "(my 5 year-old cousin sis, still pursueing her kindergarten class)

Me: "where got such people ask question like this one geh?.. "

Mom: "eh.. then Thailand leh, oh~~ I know, the tong yam lor hor.. correct?" (heard she shouting "TONG YAM ! TONG YAM! to my cousin sis and my aunty.. )

Me: "ah~~"(yes)

Mom: "then, ah~~ only left the KFC and McDonald, Really USA people eat this food one ah, true ah??"

Me: "actually the whole world also can eat KFC and McDonald eventhough Tongyam and Sushi, it doesn't mean what kind of people eat what kind of food one mar... where got people ask such question one geh?, they should ask properly like, where is the food origin? who invented the food mar... "

Me: "Ask her teacher go back eat shit lar.."

Mom:"...." (heard she laughing and heard she talking to my cousin sis)

hahaha, Ah MEI MEI!!~~ Ah PEI PEI jie jie, jiao ni de lau shi hui qu YUK XI.

hahaha, MEI MEI !! PEI PEI ask your teacher go back eat shit .. hahahahaha..


This is not the first time that her (cousin sis) homework comes out such stupid idiot question, sometimes I will just check her exercise books, and saw a lot of "do-not-make-sense" questions..

This is not the perfect way to let the kids know "what kind of people eat what kind of food", this will definitely misled the kids. For instance, who eat KFC? don't you think this question is ridiculous?, may be the answer will be,

... "I EAT KFC."...

It is just a moron edu, pity those kids...


Lin Peh said...

Tell her only peeples got money cam eat la ! HAHAHAH!

adyla said...

lol yeah ask lau shi hui qu yuk xi...
hehe... so smart eyh??
can win homework funniest category liao...

AceOne118 said...

Woah! your mum manyak terrer la. hahaha

Poonky said...

mou dak deng la~ now a day geh "ticher" so creative ah :P

Apple said...

so sweat.. like this also can?

Wayne Liew said...

Erm, the teacher, who is the teacher? I wonder why the student didn't blast the teacher off... Just write "ME" in the answer for McD and KFC.

spookygrace said...

Limpeh:" yeah, this can be an anwer too"

adyla:"kekeke, maybe the funniest kindergarten too"

aceone:"terrer leh.."

poonky: "students oso become creative thus"

apple:"can~~ y not.."

wayne: "the students are still 5 year-old kid, they are toO green.. kekeke, so they don't know how to blast them off.."

babyfiona said...

Die lor! where your cousin studying?? I must make sure next time my kids wont be studying at the same school ler..

spookygrace said...

babyfiona:"in salak south garden, somemore the fees are damn expensive one..."

Simple American said...

I don't think Americans have original food. We take it from all of the people that moved here from the rest of the world.

spookygrace said...

simple: "fast food is not invented by US? but generally, fast food is from the west, so, generally, I can say KFC is from American.. and majority those fame fame fast food like Mcd oso from Amelican.. "

Renge said...

so ORZ ar.
ur cousin's teacher can pack up & balik kampung oredy.
wer gt ppl ask like tat d... -_-