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Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is misunderstanding huh?

I know (again), I have been long decade no-update-blog. Yeah, I'm quite busy and moody towards blogging since my college life started again. Erm.. let me count ya.. I got 3 assignments.. ABE have one individual and one collective, Career Management divided into 4 parts but without any exams, TKM have one assignment, still don't know it is all group or individual together, and the question is still somewhere else not reaching into our hand.

Have to read 2 quite thick books, one is all about 1900s chinese story, and another one is for career management. And I am now, while studying for my tomorrow's TKM quiz, I'm not gonna ruin that quiz up, no choice.. Just study lar.. =.=""

And I really am sure that my visitors dropping and dropping accelerately.. And I am super appreciate you guys lefting me some "middle-spring" festival wishes in my chat-box, THANK YOU THE YOU VERY THE MUCH.. LOVE YOU ALL.. MUAK~~I really thouched by those wishes, and I apologize not viewing and lefting such messages in you guys' blog.. I am thank you..muak again.. *ppfftt..

Today have 2 classes, and I finished my last class and left around 4.30 pm. As usual, last time, I gonna hop to yeefong's car, and let her dropping me in LRT station, and DongXia will be at her house.. These days she less-drives car now, she will hop into her boy-boy car and let her boy-boy drives her home .. *so sweet. As usual too, I will ask "afterward you got pass-by LRT station not?" If yes, "can you drop me in that junction?" If no, "sad..."

However, she already drives us for so long time, since the day she drives to college. It is not so good everytime ask her to drive me to that junction, and everytime we gonna go for lunch. I think she is now quite relax, that her boy-boy able to carry her.. Anyway, thank you for driving us here and there... =P

But, I really don't wanna suffer taking that bus and squizing with students.. And that vibration of that lauyar bus, and If I miss the bus, have to wait for another half an hour. I just wish there will always be kind people that keen enough to drop me in that junction sometimes. If not, my father will suddenly phone me during I standing like a sandwich inside LRT, and I gonna gorek my bag to search for my phone to answer, and my father will always..


aHA.. you thought I am purposely not answer your phone is it?You never think that I am standing so suffer like hell, and all passengers wanna hurry back to buka puasa, and I am carrying so much stuffs and my bottle, how I gonna gorek my phone? Gorek oso need time one lar..

You think I purposely late is it? If I miss the bus, I have to wait another half an hour you know? You think that bus and LRT i drive one ah? you know usually my kind friend drop me at LRT station one if I miss the bus one you know? You see, my friend oso can drop me by that station, why can't you wait? Then you come to my school and get me lar..


Yeefong doesn't drive, and she doesn't pass by the Station. *sob sob.. So sad..

Therefore, to avoid rushing for bus and squizing in that bus, and I think if I tumpang friend's car gonna be faster reaching the station. =) I busying looking for friends who can able to drop me.. keke

Waha... I found one. A guy friend able to drop me at station.

And he waited outside the guard's gate door, cause I gonna go to the loo. After around 3 minutes. I rushed there to avoid let-people-wait-so-long, no good lar..

then He came out.. "Actually, I not wanted to drop you.."

I was.. WHAT??"" and I asked, "Are you serious? Why?"

He goes, "I don't want other people misunderstood about it" (ok, even idiot knows what does it means)

I continued, "What? Last time you told me that what other people think, is their choice. Are you really serious that you not gonna pick me up? (cause I think I still can run to the bus)"

He continued, "No lar, I can drop you one..."

I saw some of his friends lepaking at the road side and sucking those killing cigarattes. Norwonder, he said, this will lead to a misunderstanding, he doesn't want to let his friend to see he was taking me to that junction LRT station.

I am quite not happy with that, and I keep muttering myself, No next time, not gonna ask him anymore. And really angry with that...

After I opened the door, the door automatically opened widely, and hit-a-bit the flower pot next to it. And I still quite sad of "actually, I not wanted to drop you", and I did not notice of that door.

He goes, "you yourself drop out nevermind, don't let my door drops out.." (I quite not sure it is a joke?) But what inside my mind was still "Actually, I not wanted to drop you, I scared people misunderstood it".

At this point, I am not forcing you with gun at your head and "You drive me and stop at that junction, if not, I'll shoot." Why can't you just tell me, you are not willing to drive me to that junction? Or, if you are not straightforward, just find another kind of excuse like ''you not gonna pass-by LRT station"... very hard meh..

After promising, "I can drop you there", and finally say, "I actually think not gonna drop you".. And giving such stupid reason. And I was continuesly asking, "Are you sure you not gonna get me??" and he somemore went like... "Can ler, ok ler.." that kind of unsure. I was like so stupid to sit on a person's car that actually that person not willing to drop me in LRT station. And kind of feel so sorry to that person, like I owe him, once. Next time, I got car, have to pay-back by driving him to the place that he wanted.

What should I say? ..

I am so sorry on your inconvenience, to let you purposely drop me in that junction. Ok, and I admit that I am too emo and ego, small-gas kind of human being, take everything into serious. Let you have to wait for 3 minutes in that guard house, because I gonna spend that 3 minutes in that toilet. Sorry that let you feel malu infront of your friends, and cause misunderstanding to others. I am so sorry that hit your car door to that flower pot, if need any compensation? I will take fully responsibility.

And I am so sorry to put those un-collected notes in your car. I will take those remain notes by myself. And I know that you are kind of unwilling to do such things. Because I just plain stupid that thought everyone is kind enough to help each other by no harm done. I will take my own responsible..

And mostly, to avoid such misunderstanding, I will not talk to you, either, sms-ing, e-mailing, Msn-ing. Just cut all the connections to avoid misunderstanding...

Misunderstanding? Any guys reading my blog now? Just beware, cause reading my blog also will cause misunderstanding? Leaving messages in my chat-box? comment box? I think according to what my friend told me, this kind of behaviour also will cause misunderstandings, don't let your girlfriends know is better..

Anyhow, when I gonna talk (only talk) to a guy, either he is taken or still available, also kind of misunderstanding, so better don't talk to any guys, and guys don't talk to girls, if not? Misunderstanding.. *again..

So, to avoid let-people misunderstanding...better don't talk to each other ...
Can't people be more civilised? It sounds so stupid in this case...


Simple American said...

Do you think my missus will misunderstand. :P

But it is sad that he lacks maturity. Just needs to grow up. Hope you can win a lotto and buy your own car.

Adrian said...


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AceOne118 said...

You wrote so long wan...I tertido ledi!! wakakaka

spookygrace said...

simple: "sob sob.. i also hope..."

adrian: "yeah, i will.."

aceone: "u tertido i slap u..kekeke"