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Saturday, December 22, 2007

i'm back from hospitalisation~~~

1st day was stupid nervous, keep on thinking what if the doctor cut my stomach when i hadn't fallen asleep. I slept, quite deep during the operation.. Afta tat, heard my mom keep on calling my name.. My stomache getting more n more painful.. damn painfull...

"MOMMY~ MY STOMACH VERY PAIN!~!!!!!~~~!!!!!"

afta lying on bed in the room, can't get down, hanging, can't eat, can't drink.... can't go toilet.. those nurses kept on coming in for injection(pain-killer), cause I kept on complaining.. "SAKIT!! SAKIT!!"

2ND day: damn tired, my stomach get more pain pain pain... ~~~!!!! crying like hell !! Doctor came over and force me walk, cannot lie on bed.. those nurse came in..

"I gv you half n hour, afta that i wanna see you walking, not sleeping.. =( "

My stomach very pain!! HOW TO WALK ""!!! ... >.<~~""""

I just stand, and keep on tahan the pain, second day, still cannot eat and drink !! =(.. I have to walk with holding the stupid glucose-hang water.. >.< PAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!~~~~

those nurse keep on asking... You release WInd already... ?? "NO".. =( "Then cannot eat" ..


nevermind, i even shit and xu xu, but no wind...

Next day, Doctor said: Ok lar, let her eat.. "HOORRRRAAAYYY!~~" I really cannot tahan for 2 days no food, no water. samo seeing my mom sucking those coconut drink and keropok. >.<"

3rd day better, at least can walk like an old lady (now too). And can eat, but still pain.. keep on mummering I can tahan.. I can tahan.. Cause the injection really made my butt hurt.. >.<"

4th day, wahaha... I can walk, sleep better, eat and drink, pain has been getting more lesser, but the stupid cough kill me many times.. HATE IT... >.<

I came home, miss my home... And now, I have to walk damn slow,cannot bend, stomach still damn pain, hate cough, can take shower, and my stomach has one BIG VERTICAL LINE..

haizz... Hope it will get better, no more cough....

(i have pressed many times of nursing call during in mid-nite, cause i cannot went to toilet my-self, samo that stupid cough kill me like hell)


Alex said...

Wahh... I've been away a while onle le... so serious thing happen!!! Why not tell me!!!.. eh.. wait.. how u want to tell me le? sorry sorry.. hope u be better ah!!!

ashleyteng said...

oh the operation ok ya... hope u get well soon

Cherry said...

OMG! Glad that you're ok! Welcome back! TAKE CARE!!

Apple said...

oh dear..hope you recover soon

ant said...

Take care spooky~ Hope u get well soon..