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Friday, December 14, 2007


Hard to accept it, am i allowed to cry out loud. ?? What wrong things that i've done? So unexpected and sudden. Can it happened to me? Come on.. Jus 20 years old.. cry~~ and i was not awared~

I have to take out a water tumour around my ovari.. next tuesday, hospital (hate it)..

i keep on vomiting.. fever lsat 2 days, i went to doctor. He used to press my stomach...

"r u pregnant?" he asked..

O.O "NNNOOO!!!~~~".. mY mom was like.. "WHAT??" SHE STILL A STUDENT HOW COME?"

Doc: "Student oso can pregnant one.. " =.=""

what lar Fuck.. "I'm still a virgin, period still coming.. ok"

He used the baby-thing to scan.. And found a big tumour around ovari.. 6cm

I was crying like hell.. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT INSIDE MY BODY!!!!!!!"

afta settle all things, rush back take medi card and rush to hospital. That time, i really dono what to think, is it a bad or good tumour? What if it is bad? Good? CRY~ What if, i really sick, what if... CRY~~

why this kind of thing happen to me, but not kena the first prize of lottery.

Somemore, got assignments and lotsa presentation. I have to finish all first. I was yelling.. "OMG, OMG , OMG" a tumour~!!!

After seeing the doctor in hospital, he told it is not a cancer, and it is very common happen to young age girl ( I think i'll be the youngest range one). booked for the operation.. And i still scare like hell. No mood to eat, sleep, stand, walk.. Keep on thinking that there is one thing inside my body, want to get it out, but have to go through the surgery process!

Scary, scary, really spooky~~!! CRY!!!!

THE doc says he will cut big line in my stomach, cause it is quite a big tumour, "OH NO~~!" I really scare scare scare, but i have to pretend like nothing. cAuse i don't wanna see my parents crying.. Once i see them cry, I'll totally hurt for that.. I want to be strong, can I? strong strong..

really afraid for that operation..

still wonder why this kinda thing happen,,.. y~~ y~~ ???? I really afraid it will cause any bad things in my future. But the doctor already told, it will be lesser chance to get pregnant.. CRY~~!!!!

Have to get ready everything to face it!!


Eddy said...

u have my bless...

Apple said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can be really strong, go through this and hope you can get well soon. Surgery...OMG..take care girl. *pat*

Cherry said...

i'm really sorry to hear tat...i hope u're be ok...God bless u.

thiamhin said...

hope u get well soon...
GOD bless you.....
may GOD give u strength to overcome this problem...

ashleyteng said...

dun worry.. give yourself confident. the operation should be ok one.. hope u get well soon