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Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding jus a music teacher job ain't easy

It is damn difficult than what I think. But I really want a job. Barriers over round me. I know I just only have a 5th and 8th. But I really do interest in teaching. I tought students too, consider as experience. Give me a job, I jus want a job.

Besides after finished the entire studies, at this moment without enough fees for my diploma. I just want a related job in order, my piano playing will not end at this moment. At the same time of teaching, at least I can still continue to play with the students based on my own experience on playing classical to pop songs, concerto to sonatina to jazz.. and how to handle examinations.

That's how fun it will be..

of course, there is no free lunch, i need pay...

first call..> Actually, our centre need a Diploma's teacher. (How come? a not very famous centre also need a diploma????)

second call..> Oh, we can't answer you wor, you hav to come here yourself to fill the form first, and wait for the reply.. "thank you, bye bye"

Third call...> My principal say hor, you photostate your IC and cert hor.. then come here fill form.. "Ok ler, I'll come during weekends"

Fourth call..> Oh. we don't need any teachers now wor, leave your contact we will call you if we need teachers.."OK"

Really demotivating me to continue my call.. Flip through the entire yellow pages also no use.. (Oops.. yar.. hehe.. I use yellow pages to find music centres.. I too brilliant??)

Obviously, all of the calls FAILED! I still have to wait wait wait for a right time to deal with this job.

Looking for a promoter job and part time sales is dmn easy (I can just walk by shops in midvalley and pyramid and i can get one.. erm.. maybe not only one..)

I just have to use one hour to call by looking at the newspaper I can get one..

But looking for a piano teacher have to wait wait wait.. for their reply.. !!!!! If they no reply within three days. Means the job DIEs! still looking it.. sigh~

it really has to depend on luck.. Wish me luck in this beginning of new year. I really hope I can get one... By tomorrow....~~~

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