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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is the time~ =P


I have travelled to Endah Parade and Kuchai Lama to look for a new job. Hope good news will come. And I think I can handle 2 locations indeed. =P bleh. Wish me luck. I think I can have the jobs after the Chinese New Year, comes very soon........Looking for a job is not that easy, it is very unlike sales and promoters that I used to look for... Damn green in this field..

This is what my parents brought me when they travelled to China. I demanded for a "er-hu". That's what I want to learn as a chinese musical instrument.. And they brought me back this thing.. "hu-lu-si".. =.=""""~

My dad even told me .. "Er-hu is not worth to buy one, then I think I buy you this lar.. This very good one you know, I heard they play it is better than er-hu lor.."

What I asked for is "er-hu" OK! If you can't find any er-hu then better don't buy anything else lar..~ And samo forced me to play this for you. It is actually a "C" hu-lusi.. and the octaves are limited.. and it is only can play in one octave. It is very simple to play but it is quite similar to saxaphone..

Now, it is jus a decoration to my home.

After a long break, I think I gonna tidy up my closet. I turn my cupboard down and these are all my pants... and 70% of them not fit anymore after the operation. And 50% of them have sent for cutting and rest of them will be to other's generation. And what will suit me most currently will be all those mini-mini skirts... waha~

This is a chocolate... cute face-bee chocolate.. And.. it just tastes like chocolate..

What my favourite~ yummy. It is not tasted like normal chocolate, instead of the taste of tiramisu.. I like it because it tastes salty.. =P


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