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Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Money No Wedding~

as what we say..

Sometimes reallly dont know people think what. If you are poor just admit it that you are poor (like me). Pretending to be a rich guy is stupid silly and really idiot.

However, sometimes, things can be unexpected. Get pregnant before marriage is very common in today's society. It is a trend too. What to do, people now are so busy, stressed.. with all that facts, anything could be happened today's life.

Here is the case of 25 year old guy with a 19 year old girl, getting married because of their going-to-born baby. No money, but have to get married soon. As in common, the girl needs a price of merely RM6000, and the guy cut it to RM3800. Just because he has run out of cash, he somemore demand for pay it in installment. ?????? O.O can meh?

Addition of some rental payment, working only merely one thousand a month, the girl without any jobs currently and somemore pregnant. Could it be more dificult and difficult. ??

Parents can effort to pay just because his parent divorced and both of them selfish, sometimes his dad will not, his mother will just a witch+bitchy. His mother even tried to seperate the couple (his son) by telling bukan-bukan to his son's girlfriend, please don't forget that his girlfriend only 19 year old and can't able to face pressure and not even able to criticise her own thinking.

If you no money, better control yourself by not doing anything wrong that will cause a Marriage conclucion. Please propose if you are really rich,and girls, please find a rich guy. There is no such thing like what your parents tell you, "Oh, your boyfren no money nevermind, most important is he will go and find."

For me, the most important thing is he has the money and effort to share it with you, although both are working. There is no such thing of no-money-nevermind. How you so sure that he might 100% go and work for money, if he works without money??? And you are not sharing the money? How you gonna survive with that? You don't tell me that, give birth to children+pampers+susu+baby stuff, paid by the girl ok..Don't be silly that i gonna survive the kids (that the guy oso have to reponsible) by my own..

Jus brought out the view by my parents jus now, what I thinked was, why getting married so mafan. Not only the price, but also all those ritual (chinese) have to be done.

So, I not greedy at all one ok..My future marriage price that i will demand from the guy will be.. RM189000. Agree??? I'm not greedy ok, and I'm not selling myself..lor..

No need ah? My father pay for my tuition and UEL fees, also don how much, then somemore, i went in Hospital once, also dono how much already. My dad also pay a lot in all my study's fees from kindergarten till now, also dono how much already. My mom every week also buy bird nest (yen wor) for me to eat, till I look so beautiful. RM189000 already very cheap lor..

so, no money, better don't marry...


suharto said...

heheehe,.... no money, no wedding. hehehe. no woman, no wedding.

spookygrace said...

suharto: of course lar, no woman, u marry urself?

mac said...

no money, no wedding..when there's money, so many things need to be covered .....:)

art said...

make a personal loan,then u can get married...