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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I think I am energised~

No matter how harsh the life can be, sometimes, it still be. I think I have recovered well after all things, but just have to appoint for check ups. No choice that I am still a sick people till now. Ok, it doesn't state out at my forehead "refer sick people>Leo Pei Pei".

I NOT SICK. Don't treat me and look at me like, "I just back from the space.. tell me what happened in the space.. Cause I was lucky enough to get into space and adventure the galaxy and even asked me did you see any aliens?? ." What I wanna tell you will be : "Oh, my space trip was fantastic, and I have well experience, you want to experience it also ah?"

I am very thankfull to all that cared me when I was in hospitalised, and gave me a lot of advices and opinions during the entire journey of operation such as , pain O not har? How wan har? How will I fall asleep har? Still remember what my cousin sis asked me what I feel for it before the operation. Want me to tell you : "Oh, I am too excited for it, cause I am so lucky lar, kena lottery oso damn not that lucky." She added: "Don't you sked?" Me: "Sked your head ler, who says I sked."

Admit it, I am kiasu kind of people, want me to cry and act pity infront of you will NO WAY, just trying to pretend it all the time. Cause I don't want anyone feels hurt because of me. But sometimes, it was still not under my control. "I cry, people follow cry, dono cry what, but still cry for the luck that I got."

I will not forget that looking at my father crying when he was eating roti canai on that day. I found an excuse that I wanted to go to the toilet. When I was walking out from it, saw his face full of tears and he kept on wiping it with his handkerchief while drinking the kopi tarek. Can you imagine that an old ah pek uncle crying just like thier kids bully and abuse them when they are in their old age. How can I sustained to see that, turn around, my turn to cry. Still remember it was the TKM presentation day on Saturday Morning. He also kiasu kind of feller, he acted and pretended nothing when he saw me came out from the toilet.

And my mom dono had cried dono how many nights for that, I did not know that till my aunt told me and my cousin sis leak the secret out that my mom too worried of it even the doctor keeps saying :"Nothing one lar...."

I do not know why god will let them cry it because of me, but not let me cry it because of them. They deserve it to be sad??. I am willing to be the sad one not them. And my brother did not know that untill the day before the operation, he acted nothing and too strong for anything.. "Operation ma Operation lar.." but he shocked of that..

what are all these my beginning of my punishment before I go to hell....


It was just a harsh journey till what I thinked why I deserved an-one-knife-cut into my stomach. I really did learn a lot all the while, still remember my relatives visit me, maybe just came and kepoh..

Can you imagine that when they came to a visit into my room, was just like having a party and they kept holding the TV control to watch astro?. Or, they just came into my room, ''oh, your bed number is 311* ah?" (you know ler), or they will keep on asking my mom.. "She still can get pregnant or not one har?" or "Her period still can come ah??"

Of coures we all very angry with that, if there is a risk that I not getting pregnant after the operation, will I still considering of cutting the cyst out? "I CAN PREGNANT" don't treat me like a freak..

Now I really know how people see you in different ways when they know something different on you. And I will try my best to change my life, just because i have just suey once.

You will know how I got infected and how it will look like and act.. "OH..LIKE THIS.."

See pictures at your own risk (might be very geli), roll down...(these are what inside my stomach)


this is the normal ovary (egg) and tube in the left hand side.

this is the cut-off ovary that infected and the cyst grew inside the ovary, that is why the entire right hand side have to be cut out. it is 12 cm diameter and it is just like a ball. Equivalent to a five months baby. Norwonder the doctor says "20 weeks baby oh...." =.=""

Other than that, the doctor also offered a package of, "Get another cut for free.." In order that I can able to jump freely after I eat. This is my appendix, the doctor recommended, "cut you appendix out also lar, no function one.." .." good..good.."

This is my nga-nga-cheong...

After the cut, the pain was like.. >.<"

But now, I can jump very well... My dad even drive me to the park and let me have a jog just yesterday at Bukit Jalil Park.


Rycerain said...

omg! it must have hurt alot... glad that u're doing good now XD

ashleyteng said...

glad that you are healthy back now and you did gain something from the whole process... wei.. when i read til the part u said your family members cry hor... i also feel like wan to cry neh..... aiks so gam dong leh T.T